Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Message - Let The Words Flow As A River

Just This Morning by Cherie
I've been in the flow lately and after my prayers and meditation, this message came to me to be shared with other messengers of Good or what others call, Servers of the Good. 

Summer Message 2011 - Let The Words Flow As A River

Let the words flow as a river that runs deep and long and nourishes the land with it's life giving waters.

The words are just words, in reality a tool used to unlock the flows that until now have been blocked or dammed by years of unresolved problems that have stopped the flow of emotion that will in time lead one into the realm of sickness or cronic illness.

A child has not these problems.  Life flows freely and the child nurtures and grows in strength and stamina.  This is a natural process that was created to continue until the Soul decided it was time to return to It's Source.  So, in reality a human body can live for many centuries if not for the interference of mis-managed thought.

For by mis-managed thought, we mean thought directed by ego rather than directed by Soul which is further directed by God or the Source of All Life.  Not just upon your Earth, but upon all realms, seen and unseen.

So, Mankind managed to take a well functioning system and turn it into a failed one full of flaws and mis-conceptions.

For  Man has interfered with Nature.  Rather than joining with Nature or the natural realm, Man has created ologies that are but flawed and self evasing systems that confuse and alter so that the human body and mind is thrown into such a disarray that it can no longer see the reason for it's being here on planet Earth.

The ego was created as a translator or transformer to be used as a means of making sense of the non-sense.  By non-sense we do not mean stupidity or foolishness, but rather the realm where no human senses or structures exist.

So, the ego in a sense has recked havoc into the human computing system.  The only fire wall is the fire of Heaven that can erase the virus and bring the system back to a well functioning, orderly system of emotion and thought.

So, in a sense when we visit and deliver our messages to you we are bringing the system back to it's God given and God intented working order.  For, each time one is visited by the Light, it exposes and burns away the mis-conceptions and mis-alignments that are the creation of ego.

For ego has become a tyrant.  An unwise ruler that believes itself a God capable of creating a new Universe, creating a new planet, creating a new world order.

All your institutions, organizations, associations, guilds, religions, clubs, values, titles, rankings are all the work or creation of ego.  Now, perhaps you can understand why your world is in the sorry state that it is.

Your Prophets, Avatars, Saints and whatever other titles that you have given your illuminated ones were the ones sent to correct the systems problems and help humankind to again reconnect to Soul and by so doing, again reconnect to the Source of All Life.

When the Prophets come, egos go into high gear to stop them from helping Mankind to overthrow the tyrants that rule your minds and emotions.  Yet each time, seeds are planted to reverse and heal the ill effects of ego.

Now, it is harvest time, now it is time to bear the fruits of their work, now is the time to reboot and restart the original software.  Now, is the time for Soul to rule and ego to be the servant again as was the original intention when Man was created.

All of creation is a process to unfold.  Even what you call God is a process evolving, retooling, and trying out new systems of reality.

This is Life.  Always seeking a balance.  All systems work toward a balanced funtioning.  All systems are a work in progress.  All systems begin and end and begin again.

Now, we have shared our knowledge through the vehicle of the language system learned by our messenger.  We have chosen him to reach the many and English was necessary to acheive our goals as well as the goals of the messenger.  For, the messenger is as essential as the ones who deliver the messages to him to be shared.

We are pleased with the progress being made by humanity.  Our messenger is one of many, all chosen for a reason only known by the Divine Conductor.  All working together for the acheivement of common goals.

All work for the re-establishment of the Common Goodness that was built into your human systems from the beginning.

All work for the liberation of Mankind from the yoke of ego imposed slavery.

All work for the freedom to express and the freedom to create.

All have joined with the Forces of both Heaven and Earth and the Source or Creator of both for the betterment of Mankind.

All work independently, yet connected.

All are part of a team, all know the value of their work, all have been chosen for their courage and their persistence.

All have been tested for countless centuries, all have found their way back Home and returned to help their brothers and sisters to return back to the Source.

All have paid a great price, all have asked nothing in return.

All are directed by Love.  All have found the beauty of creation.

All have come to you, now it is your turn to come to them.

All wait patiently.  All respect their fellows.

All understand the meaning of our words.  All have accepted their assignments honesty.

All know the value of their work.  All give freely to those whom ask.

All are prepared.  All are willing.

All will come where the need is the greatest.  All will return one day to their rightful Home amongst the stars.

All are of the family of Man.

All will be welcome.  All will be at peace in the knowing that they were true to themselves and to their kind.

©  M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Inspiring, Mike and so true. We humans have really messed things up. Thank Goodness there is Love and magic in all heavenly realms. We CAN go home!
Pam B

Anonymous said...


This is truly excellent reading. You are truly connected. Thank you - and to those who have inspired you to write this.

Michael B.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam B & Michael B:

Thank you for you kind words. Glad you get it or perhaps I should say, got it.

Kindest regards to both,

Sihirli Yazılar said...

"All of creation is a process to unfold. Even what you call God is a process evolving, retooling, and trying out new systems of reality."

These words are really flowing like a river, Mike. Your writings are relaxing and beatific for me.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Sihirli:

Welcome and thank you so much for the kind words.

The words have the effect on you that they do, because you too have a beautiful Soul and when you read the words, for a moment you reconnect and feel your own inner calmness and beauty.

Always nice to read your comments,

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

inspiring and powerful post!
thanks for the great reminder!

hope you have a great Thursaday

Ewa said...

great post!!

thanks for stopping at mu blog today :)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Ewa & Betty:

Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for your kind words.

Kindest regards,