Monday, July 11, 2011

GMO Rice Is On It’s Way to Europe

More poison food coming our way thanks to the EU Politicians. Remember that they are a bunch of sneaky ones on the EU Commision who were chosen by all the secret society boys & girls behind closed doors in Sweden. Don't trust them to do anything on your behalf. They are most likely on the payroll of Big Business and Pharma and using our tax money to do their dirty work under the guise of working for you.  If you are smart and concerned about you health and well being, I highly recommend you learn about what's in your food and not buying those that you know contain harmful ingredients. It's time to be a bit more self-reliant and responsible.  Probably, the only way to be safe and sure about the safety of your food is to grow your own.

If you wish more information to become more aware, then look at the links below:


Julliette O/Wild Rose said...

Lovely stumbling upon your blog from Nevine's ...Also American :)

Wild Rose~

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Juliette O.

Kind of you to stop by and leave a comment.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Well Michael, you know where I am coming from in this whole debate! Actually, this all goes back to what we know as CODEX which is an effort by the Pharmaceutical companies started some 15 years ago approximately under the guise and support of the World Health Organisation [WHO] to make the availability of herbal medicines or anything outside Alopathic [Western] doctors 'medicines' needing a doctor's prescription to be able to obtain them.

They have been largely successful in Europe starting with Germany some years back, and are now pushing hard to get it passed in North America. I have been fighting this for years along with many others.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello the older Michael:

Thanks for the information and your comment. This Codex is nasty business and an attempt to take away our freedom of choice.

Kindest regards,