Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Amnesty International Is Critical of Sweden's Handling Of Rape Cases


Now, here are the results of another of The Stanger In A Strange Land's Poll.


True or False. Reality Check: One out of 20 rape cases in Sweden end up with a conviction of guilty?

True:    80 %

False   20 %

For those who voted True, you were correct and for those who voted, False, please read the translated article below.  Now, for the facts.  This poll was based on an article in the Swedish news in which the Director of Amnesty International's Swedish Chapter was quoted.

Few Rape Convictions - Amnesty International is Critical Of Swedish Judicial System

Of all reports of rape only 6 to 7 % or one of twenty receive a verdict of guilty.  In Lund, Sweden there were no guilty verdicts and only one of all reported cases went to court last year. (I will add that Lund is a University town.). 

"We are concerned that so few rapists are prosecuted and we want to know why", said Lise Bergh, general director for the Sweden Chapter of Amnesty International.

Here is an article to support their claim:

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