Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Max Keiser Rallies The Citizens In Greece - Syntagma, Athens 16/6/11

I was thinking about Greece just yesterday and thought about Greece being considered the Cradle of Democracy at least from the Western view.  The mainstream media is reporting as if Greece has somehow done some great crime and needs to shape up, whereas in my view they are showing tremendous courage in fighting for their sovereignity and freedom from the forces that lie and steal and enslave whole populations in the name of what I call the Common Greed.   In my eyes, they are fighting for the Common Good which seems to have been forgotten by most of the nations in our modern world.

It looks like the baby has fallen asleep and the Greeks have found the love and courage to rock the cradle to reawaken that spirit of freedom we all aspire to.  In reality what they are fighting against is the tyranny of the World Bank, IMF, UN, EU and a few of tremendous wealth hiding within their secret societies who have taken over control of our governments and institutions.

So, my best wishes and admiration I now send to all the citizens of Greece who now honor their ancestors by expressing democracy in action in their attempt to take back their land.  Perhaps with their efforts and the grace of God we will see a re-emerging of an old ideal and a universal dream.


Siv Maria said...

Well said.Greece is a beautiful country rich in heritage and the people are kind and warm. I hope things work out for them.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Siv M´Maria:

Thanks for stopping by south of the border.

I hope all goes well for the people of Greece also. I visited there many years ago and must say it was one of my favorite vacation experiences.

By the way, Glad midtsommer---Happy Midsummer.

We are celebrating it here Friday & Saturday. Tommorows a red day.

Kindest regards,
ps. Ha det gøy -- Ha det så bra

Sihirli Yazılar said...

Greece is a country which fights with economical downturn nowadays. And Papandreu's speech especially got my attention. He said that their aim was being like ascending Turkey. It's interesting that they want to follow our example. They may be right to think so in fact. Because the economical crisis just touched Turkey without causing its economy to collapse completely.
On the other hand, Greece people who are living in economical difficulties are right to obey communists's call and fight against the government. Nobody in the world deserves bad living conditions.