Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 4, 2011 Message - For All Who Will Come To Their Own Realizations

Sunset at Gokarna
A tiny beach in Karnastaka, India
Lovell D'souza
A few days ago I had a great calm along with a feeling that a new message was in the air so I sat down, prayed and meditated and these words came to me to be shared with others.
As always, I recommend that you be not just open to the words, but the essense of them that can be felt as you read them.  There is a gift for all who will calm their thoughts and open their hearts by accepting these comforting and encouraging words.

June 4, 2011 Message

Another message for all who will come to their own realizations, take responsibility for their own creations and begin to live their lives in a calm and loving way.  For these few, we speak this day.

Yes, you are few but your influence is great.  A few can do the work of many when divinely inspired.  A few can and will create a new tomorrow till the day that they are joined by the many who will one day arise as the phoenix and take their righhtful place amongst the leaders of today.

Yes, leaders, a few, yet very influential with the power to control and turn the course of Man.  A few who have suffered the indignation of the many yet have still thrived and flourished upon the Lands.  These are the few that we speak to today and although you are not yet conscious of your greatness anbd ability to effect great changes, you will still be able to hear and see the truth of our words.

For, you have come to this world at this time in it's evolution to facilitate or implement great changes in the fabric of human societies around your globe.  Each has an area of influence, each their own talents, each has suffered the ignorance and cruelty of man yet each has kept their innate kindness and used it to influence and support small groups with a longing--not just a longing, but a yearning for change.

Each has expressed their goodness through art or literature or education even as they saw and knew those of less talent were rewarded by the ones of dark determination in their efforts to destroy all that is good within your humanity.  They have failed due to the efforts of a few of divine inspiration who have lived obscure lives in preparation for the days of the awakening.

For when that time is upon us and that time is near, Mankind will again seek out those of intelligence and leadership to guide them through the dark days ahead.  Guides with hearts of Light and the accumulated knowledge of centuries of learning all in preparation of this time in the evolution of Mankind from one of Earth or physical concentration to one of duel citizenship.  A citizen of both Heaven and Earth having come into their glory, come into your innate talents and abilities to create not just human communities that are sound and well functioning, but that also naturally see to the health and welfare of all beings within your world.

No longer segregated, divided, alienated, but united in the common cause of re-establishing the common good into human community.  This is your natural state of being that has laid dormant for centuries, now awakened by a force so powewrful none can resist or stop its fruition.  The fruits of centuries of hard labor by a few of illumination over time, each adding to its power until this time of deliverance.

That time is now, that time has arrived.  That time has become this time.  This time is your time to change your direction from one of fear to one of Love.  Yes, Love will arise from your Earth as it simultaneously descends from the Heavenly Realm.  These two emerging flows will join or meet within the human heart and from there shall flow a balanced love, a love until this time only expressed by a few, now available to all.

A great awakening, a great revelation, a time of joy, a time of great laughter and warmth.

Now, prepare you few.  For, your work is soon completed and your centuries of scorn and battle will now be rewarded with the recognition of what you have done for those of your own kind and a honored place in the Book of Time.

We thank you all for your contributions and wish you all well.  For without your efforts this day would not have arrived asnd we your descendants would not have had our world in which Heaven is allowed to be freely expressed upon this Earth if not for your untiring efforts and your courage to love when all else told you not to.  We admire and honour you this day.  Your efforts were not in vain.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike--What an inspiring message! It's very supportive of our human efforts to love even when it seems impossible to do so.
Whatever the Loving Universe calls us to do, we will do. Your post makes me feel like it is an honor to be alive now. Thank you! Pam B

Nimmy said...

Full of strength, confidence, hope and faith! :-) Thank you, Mike.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Greetings to both Nimmy & Pam:

I'm glad you both could feel the intent of the message and you are both very welcome. You both are certainly members of the few that this message was directed to.

My kindest regards,

Aragorn said...

Dear Mike,

Inspiring post and i want to believe in tat. But somehow the skepticism creeps in and i start doubting if it all is happening now or is it just a utopia which we just keep dreaming of... Could you please drop me an email at prashantsree21[at]gmail[dot]com.