Sunday, June 26, 2011

From Endings to Beginnings - A Poem

Reflecting Home by Lovell D'souza
This is a poem that I wrote while sitting at my kitchen table.  One never truly knows when inspiration comes to make a visit.  I usually don't write poetry, though I do often speak and write in a poetic manner.  I believe in an economy of words.  In my mind, I see this as a means to lead the reader to find their own inner voice by them filling in the details that I so conveniently have left out.

So, a communication is created and together we write the stories of our lives. Unknowingly, both create their own stories with one story.  Creative license is created and allowed and for a moment we understand a part of us hidden from sight, yet in clear view to those with inner eyes that see.

An offer is made and accepted, a talent revealed that leads us always back to the better parts of ourselves.

I decided to give it a title, although titles are unnecessary, but expected by readers.

From Endings to Beginnings - A Poem

When all has been said and done for this lifetime .

And we bathe in the Light of creation on the other side.

We will look back with fondness at our deeds.

We will be greeted upon arrival by enemies as well as friends.

For, the judgements of ego will have fallen from our being as the leaves from the trees.

The joy of living shall arise and we shall know the Love that eluded us while in human form.

Then we will know what we are and why we came to the place of our birth and why we departed the darkness at the place of our death.

Then will we be at peace and in love with all living things until the next time we decend into the world of forgetfulness.

© 2011  M.N. Hopkins


Magnus said...


Thank you so much for your poetic creativity. I have had a little bit of reflection about these things the last periods in my life. I have thought about that no matter what happens in this life, we will end up in security and the light, love and grace anyhow. However, this reflection gave me a slight different outlook on life, as an adventure and a mean of developing and a neverending story of learning possibilities. And instead of "missing" that our life isn't as happy as we would like, one can appreciate what one have now and always strive for future adventures and changes, instead of getting stuck. Life if like being put into a labyrinth, without clear connection to the supervisor seeing from above in clearity - not so easy to see clear when into it - and the shadows can be kind of scary, but from above it really just is the shadows created from the bright light shinging from above. And not see in clearity is indeed some fascinating as well. I read a very interesting reflection about angel guides and humans from the book "Interview with an Angel" where the "main character", angel Ariel, explained that the difficulties is to be in human form while striving to have contact with one's divine and angelic guiding. But she explained that in meantime, there will be switched roles - then we as individuals in the future might be in "angelic" form, and trying to guide "them" in human form - that the story and the river of life will never end, it's all like an neverending story. However, I don't know what you feel about this or if you believe in it at all, but for me, the reflection caused a surge of joy and about how exciting this phenomen called life really is, and how exciting it really is to live.

Have a nice day everybody

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste my brother Mike, very nicely done. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

In Lak' ech, ripples of love...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Mike. Summed it all up in just those few words! Thank you, Pam B

Nimmy said...

Thanks so much for this lovely poem, Mike. The Ultimate Truth, shall we call it? :-) Ah...the world of accurate, this description!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

I like Magnus's words at the end that said he 'got a surge of joy'. That says it all - without any more necessary words of explanation.

Michael B.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Magnus, Chris, Pam, Nimmy, & Michael:

Thank you all for commenting and your very kind words.

My best wishes to all,

Notes From Pippi said...

this is so beautiful and comforting. I needed to read this. Thank you for writing it.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Jenny:

You are so very welcome. Glad it touched you...

My very best wishes and hopes that the feeling you got after reading stays with you for awhile,
ps: Writing from Pippi's homeland.

Isabella George said...

A very deep epiphany ... simply expressed...lovely.