Monday, December 14, 2015

Too Many Seek False Dreams........A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Too many seek false dreams, empty dreams of power and fame or fortune won in the physical world. These will come to nothing in time. Man has needs to be fulfilled, yet in your world, the greed of a few has taken precedence over the needs of the many. A great imbalance occurs when this is the driving force of any civilization.

Great upset, discontent, and general unhappiness occurs within such societies that allow the few to manipulate and deceive those of less intelligence or knowledge as a means of maintaining economic or political power. Resources are wasted-not just physical resources, but human resources.   

It is not only the Earth that becomes poisoned and made infertile, but also the mind and emotions of mankind. No longer a system that respects and seeks to nurture all life forms that exist, but one that blindly walks toward it's own destruction. The results of such misguided behavior can be seen all around within human communities.

No longer do men have direction, no longer united in love. Poisoned and ailing. Poisoned for profit and deceived to follow paths that will lead to a total breakdown of community.

M.N. Hopkins