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The Soul Defined - The Wisdom Of Peter Deunov

"Blue Ice" by Alex Bernasconi


The separation of the human soul from God is one of the most sublime moments in Creation.
This separation is known in the world of the angels as the dawning of the human soul.
The soul emerges from its initial source like a Divine ray, and enters into the boundless universe to do the work which is in store for it.
The soul is eternal. It is eternal just as God is eternal. But, while God is absolutely unchangeable, the soul is constantly changing, and thus it develops and acquires new qualities.
Human souls live and move in God. They exist within Him in eternity, although they outwardly manifest themselves at different moments. They exist all together, al though they do not emerge from God simultaneously; they live one and the same life, although they are different: They differ because each soul represents a certain state of the Divine consciousness.
Souls - these are different states in which the Divine consciousness manifests itself in time and in space.
This is why we say: There is only one great Divine Soul, and all other souls are its manifestations.
Everything in the world may disappear, but the souls - never. They cannot disappear because the Divine Soul, the Divine consciousness cannot disappear.
The people of today have no knowledge of the soul. They are not conscious of themselves as souls, but rather as personalities. The personality is the physical man, and not the real self - the soul. People know the personalities of others, but not their souls, which are their true neighbors.
As long as people do not accept the idea that they are living, intelligent souls, as long as they continue to be conscious of themselves only as personalities, as minds and hearts, as men and women, they will accomplish nothing. All these forms of consciousness have already been experienced.
However, if people acknowledge in their consciousness that they are living, intelligent souls, then they will introduce something new into their lives, and will give themselves a new direction.
At the present level of man's development, there is no higher state than the state of the soul.
It contains within itself all the conditions, all the possibilities of the Divine Love.
Only within the soul can God manifest Himself in His fullness, and Love can be fully expressed only through the soul.
If you express your love only through your heart, it will be only half-expressed.
If you express your love only through your mind, it will again be only half-expressed.
All the weaknesses in the world arise from things done by halves.
Up to now, the human soul has been developing into a bud.
In our epoch, this bud is beginning to open.
This opening of the bud-soul is one of the greatest moments of the cosmos. It is called the blossoming of the human soul.
All the higher beings of the Divine world await with anticipation the blossoming of the human soul.
They know that all the manifestations of God are inscribed therein, that in it is written all that has been before them, all that is now, and all that will be in the future.
They know that the human soul is a sacred book in which God, in a special manner unknown to them, has written the development of all of Creation.
Because of this, they await the blossoming of the human soul with divine anticipation. The blossom into which this soul will bloom, will shine forth with all its beauty, and God will infuse it with His light and His love.
There is a beauty in the human soul which no other being in life possesses.
It is incomparable beauty. Even God rejoices when He looks at the form of the human soul.
All the angels, all the servants of God will come when the human soul blossoms. From time immemorial they have awaited its blossoming in order to taste its nectar.
And when they come, they will bring the new culture which I name "the culture of Love."
When Christ descended to earth, He came precisely to help the human souls, because each soul that comes down to earth has a specific task which it alone must fulfill.
There are intelligent souls in the world who wish to advance and live consciously. The great Masters come to earth for these souls, and they are helped by all loving and luminous souls working in the world.
Only souls that are loving and luminous are capable of helping other souls. They have finished their tests on earth. Divine consciousness has been awakened within them. Because of this, they do not desire to leave the earth. They say, "We shall live now on earth under any conditions. We shall live as God wills that we live. Now we understand the right way to live."
Nothing is impossible for the human soul which strives to elevate itself. It is strong because of its ties with other souls which are its kindred.
The greater the number of souls with which the human soul is connected, the stronger and more invulnerable it is. The success of the soul depends upon the number of souls with which it is connected. The consciousness of those luminous souls who participate in the life of a soul on earth is constantly concentrated on Love and thus, they help the soul selflessly. Therefore, the art of earthly life is this: while man is on earth, within this small physical form, he should come in contact with the souls of others.
This is the key to success. Even if only one soul loves you, it is in a position to help you in the difficulties of life.
But when many souls direct their love toward a person he can become anything - a poet, a painter, a musician, a man of science.
Love is a great power.
The path of each soul is strictly defined, and no one has the power to divert it. It is impossible for one soul to divert another from its path, because God watches vigilantly over all souls, and directs their movements in the boundless universe.
In itself, each soul is a small universe which moves in its own path in the great universe. But the soul has the ability to diminish - to become infinitely small - and to expand - to become boundless as the universe.
Emerging successively from God, souls find the same relationship existing among themselves that exists among musical tones. In their relations with one another, souls form harmonious groups. They form individual systems, moving in spirals in infinite space. In their involutionary movement, they descend in groups, but they stop at different areas of density, because not all of the souls are able to overcome the resistance equally.
Only a small number of souls manage to descend to the densest matter. Thus, souls are connected in the form of a chain which extends through different planes.
In their evolution, souls ascend according to the same law. Different souls ascend to planes of various rarity.
To come to love the soul of men - this is the true morality.
He who wishes to work with human souls must have a great mind. He must understand the profound processes that take place within the soul.
The human soul has great depth! Depth and boundlessness! The human soul lives beyond our world, in a world of many more dimensions.
Only a small projection of the soul reaches down to earth. It appears only from time to time as a guest to the mind and the heart.
When the soul visits man, he becomes great, inspired, and noble. He again becomes an ordinary man when the soul withdraws.
The soul is the spring from which all great thoughts and aspirations flow. And the soul itself is watered by another spring - the human spirit.
And the human spirit is watered by a still greater spring - the Divine Spirit.
The Divine Spirit is watered by the greatest of all springs - the absolute, the unknown Spirit of Creation, who is beyond our comprehension.
Therefore, remember: You are soul, not body!
You are a soul conceived at one time by the Divine Spirit, conceived in Love.
At the present moment, your soul is already a bud, waiting to blossom into a flower.
Concentrate your consciousness on it, because this is one of the greatest moments of your life!
Then you will open yourself out to the great sun that shines over the whole world of God.


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