Friday, December 25, 2015

For, Now In Your World........A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Art by John Finn

For now in your world the opposite is true and few can see the truth of this.  Those of darkness proclaim to be those of Light and those of Light are not even given a voice within your communities.  Men truly pay a great deal of currency to hear evil consul while those with words of wisdom have their words go unheard.

There has been such a concentration on the darker side of human thought and emotion that that which is healing and builds up strength within the human personality structures goes unnoticed.  So, the sick care for the sick and only those who abandon or are abandoned by your human systems become well and whole again.

Now, in your world the voices of fear sense a change of concentration and gather their forces to maintain their disorderly order.  Mankind acts in a self-destructive  manner as if caught within their own traps. 

No longer will lies and falsehood bind together human community.  Mankind now seeks a better way and one that will insure a future that allows for a creativity and expression of what is best within your humanity.  No longer will the hollow words be accepted while actions are allowed to be reactive rather than proactive.

A great awakening will occur over time and those who survive the dark times will come to understand that it was the lack of honesty and integrity and ethical behavior that brought Mankind to these perilous times and no longer will those of limited power be allowed to assume positions of power and responsibility.

Leaders in the future will be true leaders with the gifts and talents necessary to lead Mankind back to Itself.  No longer will Mankind be driven by lies and empty words, but by those of true inspiration and direction.  No longer driven by fear, but directed by loving kindness which will be an outward expression of an inward hearts-light.

Have faith in yourselves and believe that one day Mankind will again have direction and systems in place that actually work and that have a co-ordination of actions with words. 

Then, will this chaos and confusion no longer exist and men will free their minds and emotions to be used in a way that will allow for the building of strong and healthy mental, emotional, and physical structures.

©  M.N. Hopkins


Toni said...

From your finger tips to the Powers-That-Be.

Often when reading your blog, I am reminded of the empty bench seated above a beach and surf on Facebook. It asks, "Who would you like to sit on this bench with for an hour's discussion?"

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this. Thank you.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Toni:

Thank you for your kind words....You bring the coffee and some cinnamon buns and perhaps I will join you. .)
Kindest regards,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Martin:

You are most welcome.

Kindest regards,