Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Now We Come To A Time Of Great Tribulation - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Art by John Finn

Now we come to a time of great tribulation. The leaders of your world refuse to lead, rather they follow those who promise economic or financial gain, with no thought of how this will effect the everyday living of their local citizens. One will come who seeks to unite all nations, but will fail as all who seek political or economic power have failed throughout time.

Man can no longer think in a selfish manner, with no regard for the other. Now is a time of great possibility. As old social and economic structures begin to deteriorate, new systems will begin to develop around the planet.

For Man must learn to co-operate and care for each other or all life on your planet will surely perish in time. Man refuses to look for new ways of being in his world, but rather clings to the old ideas and beliefs, which no longer have the power necessary to hold or bind together Man's communities.

Yes, new beings or a new kind of being will begin to enter into your world soon with the knowledge and wisdom necessary to the task of evolving a new consciousness that accepts and understands all life. They are the one's who will lead the way and found and develop new institutions of learning that will benefit all mankind.

The fight now is for power mainly in the form of economic power. The one's of darkness control their minds and emotions and seek only the destruction of all mankind. The leaders are weak and refuse to take responsibility and lead the way out of Man's current dilemmas. Instead, we have discussions and meetings with men playing a role, rather than actively deciding on new courses of action. As children, they play, not realizing the dangers that follow.

Be patient and be kind until the day the new ones arrive. They will understand these words and actively seek realities that will fit the structure of their new dreams. For they shall develop less intrusive means of interacting with your Earth's environment. A respect for all life will evolve in time and Man will take his place amongst all life forms, simple and complex.

Seek no longer discord, but seek harmony and balance in your everyday living. Await the day of their arrival and rejoice for the beings of light will again be heard and understood.

M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Good write thank you

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks for your kind words.