Friday, September 4, 2015

See Again As Children But Be Not Unwise - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

See again as children but be not unwise.

Expect a new tomorrow. One in which all are respected and given opportunities for their own self development and enlightenment. Allow again the elders to consul and see youth as an early stage of development rather than the end of the road.

For it is the end of the road for Mankind if the current youth focused mentality does not change or grow into a more mature world view in which the mental and emotional structures stabilize and persons live in a manner that seeks the greatest good for the greatest number within human community.

The weak, the sick, the misguided can be retrained back into a health giving attitude, rather than discarding them or increasing their dependencies as is often the practice today in many of your human societies.

Teach the love of work, the joy of connection to Self and to the Earth and to others  and the satisfaction that arises from achievement of one's Soul's purpose here in this world.

Seek again the vision of a joyous tomorrow and direct one's being so as to bring this new tomorrow into fruition.  Seek light hearted and strength giving pleasures and find that part of you that will allow for the expression of all that is the best within the Human Spirit.

Love and be kind toward all life forms on your planet. Be thankful and show an active gratitude for all the gifts of life given to Man. Be as an arrow. Be straight and sure to meet your intended targets.

Live honestly and honorably with the faith that all dreams will materialize into physical reality one day.

© M.N. Hopkins

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