Friday, September 11, 2015

Financial Crises - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Financial Crises:

Financial crises occur as they have always occurred when a few manipulate and control markets for their own benefit without any concern for others or the consequences of their actions.

Fueled by greed, these events have occurred over and over throughout human history.  Always have a few controlled markets for their own benefit under the guise of being in charge of a system that will benefit all.  The majority only experience poverty and enslavement to a system that in reality destroys any chances that they have to prosper in freedom.

For freedom is the aim and freedom is the goal of all who seek a better way for not just themselves but for others of their kind.  We often hear phrases that portray an illusion or better said, lies that make no sense at all when viewed in a logical manner.  We are told over and over how much better we have it than those who have come before us.

Statistics are falsified and lies marketed by your halls of science and commerce.  Very few question these lies for the fear of reprisals.

We see a time when Mankind will no longer be deceived by those who in their carelessness offer mis-information and mis-direction.  We see a time of honest leadership.  We see the arising of true leadership that sees to the needs of the many and behaves in a just and civil manner.

For the road ahead will be clear of many obstacles and distractions when Man has been forced to concentrate on what is real and form their reality out of the materials at hand that occur naturally within your world.

The age of the machine will soon come to an end and a new age of reason will follow.  Man will learn again to use their own minds as a tool to shape their physical reality.  Problems will begin to be solved rather than avoided as is the fashion today amongst your leadership.  Honesty will take the helm and lead again the children who now only are taught lies and madness.

Sanity returns and the uninstructive and self-destructive behaviors of today will cease to exist.  This will be a natural occurrence after Mankind is forced to build up again after the ashes have settled. 

The Earth will be cleansed of the poisons that persist today as well as the poisons of the mind and emotions that have Mankind in a death grip.

© M.N. Hopkins

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Magnus said...

Thank you!
I find this discourse very positive and uplifting! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of a coming better future! :)
Kindest regards and wish you a good weekend!