Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Dear Little One Sacrificed On The Alter Of Big Pharma, Bad Science & Medicine & Funded by Dirty Politics

Brenda Wilson

No history of seizures...babbling, making perfect eye-contact. Goes in for a routine well-visit....receives several shots in one day...suddenly becomes spaced-out with glossy eyes within an hour....then begins to have seizures. Admitted into Childrens for days...neurologist does EEG and says, 'her seizures are so bad....we cannot pinpoint which part of the brain her seizures are coming from.' She gets discharged with meds...which did not help...she was having 7-8 seizures a day...and then started losing balance, started crawling into walls, was losing eye-contact...and staring at the pendulum on the clock all the time, losing interest in her toys...AUTISM.



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My 2 cents:  This is Shameful and in my opinion will not end until parents be parents and protect their children from these profiteers.  They are the first line of defence against this madness.

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