Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maya Is Eczema Free After A Raw Food Diet


This is Maya, she was dealing with severe Eczema for years, the photo on the left is not even the worse. dehappy5_mama on Instagram decided to try a Raw Food Plant based diet and within a short period of time this is the result. Whole food...s are the best medicine. Her post below:

Yes! We did it!!!!! Maya is eczema FREE!!!!!!!! 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Some of you may remember my post when we jumped with my poor kids straight to banana island.

It has been a fun ride since then and look we are having the results already! I am so happy and want to share with all of you as promised half year ago. On the photo it's my daughter Maya, 6 months ago and few weeks ago.

I know it looks dramatic and I am sorry if anyone of you feels a bit discomforted looking at her. But I want to show this to help many other people, especially children, that suffer through this terrible disease. She had such severe eczema on her body that I am first time publicly sharing her pictures from that period of time.

I actually will not say anything anymore, you see the results. For those of you who are interested about more details please go to my blog. There is first part of her story with even more dramatic photos. The link is in my bio. She is a happy child today, second part I promise very soon!!! Please share if you think it could help someone.
Here is the link to Maya's mother's blog if you wish to look further into this matter.


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Leovi said...

Fabulous! This diet has been really effective, I'm glad!