Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grandfather, Tell Me About Spirit, Short Fiction by Pam Bickell

Grandfather and grandson (4-5) in wheat field at sunset
Grandfather, Tell Me About Spirit, Short Fiction by Pam Bickell

Notes Along The Path Blog,   15 September 2014

"Grandfather, tell me about Spirit,” the young boy with jet black hair asked.

“What is it you wish to know, grandson?”

“How do we know Spirit is with us?”

“Close your eyes, grandson,” the old man with long white hair said. “Breathe deeply and focus on the sounds of nature. What do you hear?”

“I hear birds, blue jays squawking and some chickadees singing.”

“What else do you hear?”

“Nothing—“ the boy said.

“Breathe deeply. Quiet your mind. Listen again. Can you hear the wind in the leaves?”

“I can! But I didn’t hear it before.” He opened his eyes.

“You weren’t listening with your Spirit ears, grandson. You are made of Spirit; all living things are. To know Spirit is with us, we must use our Spirit heart and our Spirit eyes and our Spirit ears. Now, close your eyes again. Listen with your Spirit ears.

What do you hear?”

“I hear more birds singing. I hear a whitetail moving somewhere behind us! I hear a jack rabbit. Grandfather, I think I hear some ants crawling. That’s impossible!” The boy’s eyes flew open.

Grandfather chuckled. “Nothing is impossible, grandson. With Spirit, everything is connected. We are connected to the deer, the rabbits and the ants and they are connected to us. Now, close your eyes again,” the old man said. “Grow quiet; breathe very deeply. When I touch your forehead, slowly open your eyes. Do not be surprised by what you see. This is what Spirit looks like.” Grandfather touched the boy’s forehead and he slowly opened his eyes. His jaw dropped and he looked at Grandfather.

“It’s light! Everything is made of light!” He looked down at his body. “I’m made of light! How did you do that, grandfather?”

“No one can see the light unless they want to see it. Over time and with practice at quieting our minds, we become one with all of life and we can see the Spirit in everything. I have shown you this so that you will know Spirit is everywhere, in all things, at all times. You are never alone.” Grandfather touched the boy’s forehead again and he could no longer see the light in everything. “Now it is your time to quiet your mind, your time to see Spirit in everything.”

“Grandfather?” the boy asked, touching the old man’s knee.

“Yes, grandson?”

“How can I thank you?”

“See, over there,” he said, nodding his head.

“The wood pile?” the boy asked.

“Yes. You can thank me by stacking those logs in the woodshed.”

“All right, grandfather,” the boy said, shaking his head. “You got me again!” They both laughed and the boy ran off.

“Thank you, Great Spirit. It is time for an old man to nap,” he said, smiling to himself.


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