Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kindness- A Narration by M.N. Hopkins


By kindness, we mean a spirit of giving not just of oneself, but the giving of the gifts of Spirit to Mankind.

Kindness is the flame that burns away the mire. Kindness is that which is so sweet and lovely, yet few will open their minds and hearts to its gifts. Kindness brings with it Love and with Love comes the redemption for all who live within your Earth Realm.

For men refuse to love one another. Instead, they insist upon that which divides not just themselves, but divides whole communities. We often hear that our way is the true way and the only way to redemption and to God, yet God has created all ways so that each can choose according to their liking or temperament. Each can choose that path which brings them the greatest fulfillment and happiness and who can say that their way is greater, or shorter, or more direct, or the only way to Gods Light, when Gods Light is that which lights all ways and illuminates the heart paths for all Mankind.

In kindness, we say, "Go and be merry and let none deter you from your chosen path through this world."

In kindness, we say, "Fear not that you have chosen a wrong path when God has walked them all even before the time of your departure."

In kindness, we say, "Fear not for those who have lost their way, for they have only been lost so that you may find your way back to them."

In kindness, we say, "Be generous and helpful to all whom you meet upon your lives path. For one day you will meet again and your kindness will be returned."

In kindness, we say, "Be kind and kindness will walk by your side as you travel through life."

In kindness, we say, "Love all as you would wish to be loved and never forget that all are loved, as all will love one day."

In kindness, we say, "Be not harsh with your words, for your harshness will be as a hindrance to those who walk after."

In kindness, we say, "Let your hearts light shine when your path enters the darkness of others, so that those who come after can better see their way."

In kindness, we say, "Love even when all around you say that you are foolish and will meet a perilous end. For only those who refuse to love will experience peril due to their own self-imposed blindness."

In kindness, we say, "Walk, walk, walk and pause to view the horizon so that you do not loose your bearings and take a longer time to complete your journey. For all journeys have a beginning and an end and all will meet at their final destination and that will be with themSelves."

In reality, we travel in circles always meeting ourSelves from time to time. Out of reality, we are the Circle and never meet or leave, we just are always with ourSelf and always on our own path.

We say to all who will listen, walk with us who walk with God and fear not the way. In Reality, there is only one way and that is the Way of God.

If you choose to see your way as separate, than you will truly be separate from yourSelf. If you choose to see your way as one of many that all end at yourSelf, then will you begin to understand that you have been walking in circles leading nowhere, but in a sense, everywhere. You have entered the circle and become lost in yourself. Now, can You enter the Circle and after centuries of wandering, you have found Your Self.

© M.N. Hopkins


Rea de Miranda said...

What a beautiful inspiring post my friend!! We are all connected through kindness.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, indeed, Rea. :)

Kindest & warmest regards,

Magnus said...

Really like these words of love and kindness :)