Monday, May 13, 2013

Malaria finally defeated? Look And Decide For Yourself.

Published on May 2, 2013
Malaria is finally defeated. This clinical study conducted along with the Red Cross in Uganda demonstrates the efficiency of MMS (clo2) against malaria. Every 40 seconds a child dies of malaria - there are 2,000 children a day worldwide. In Africa, the tropical disease remains one of the main causes of death. The solution is so simple but the pharmaceutical industry is not interested. If the truth comes out, that a cure for malaria is possible with a simple water disinfectant, it would not be profitable or patentable. In this clinical study with 781 subjects and 154 malaria patients, 143 sick were healed in just one day with a single dose! The remaining 11 the next day. A world sensation! We must congratulate the Red Cross for having the courage to innovate!

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Jim Humble


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The link to Jim his page does not work

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Thanks Peter. Yes, it does not work. Not unusual for truthful helpful info that the powers that be try to stop it or block it. I will search for another link to Jim H. and post it in it's place.

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