Friday, May 3, 2013

Along The Pilgrim Trail Dedicated To St. Olaf of Norway and the Seven Characteristics of The Pilgrim

Saint Olaf of Norway

During one of my wanderings,  I came across a Church in Sweden that is one of the stops along the Pilgrim Path that is between Skara, Sweden and Trondheim, Norway.   The Church was built in the 14th Century and dedicated to St. Olaf of Norway. There was written there the seven key qualities or characteristics of a Pilgrim.  I found this good advise that can lead to a balanced and happy life although somehow being difficult to fit into our modern world.

I thought that I would share these wise and long forgotten words with all whom visit my blog.  I truly hope that you can appreciate the meaning of a life lived as a Pilgrim walking a sacred path.

Below are the Seven key words of the Pilgrim as given on an informational board near the entrance to the Churchyard.

1.   Slowness

2.   Freedom

3.   Simplicity

4.   Light-heartedness

5.   Silence

6.    Sharing

7.    Spirituality

På svenska.  In Swedish.

1.    Långsamhet

2.    Frihet

3.    Enkelhet

4.    Bekymmerlöshet

5.    Tystnad

6.    Delande

7.    Andlighet

In Deutsch.   In German

1.    Freiheit

2.    Einfachheit

3.    Langsamkeit

4.    Sorglosigkeit

5.    Stille

6.    Teilen

7.    Andachht

For more information on St. Olaf of Norway,  please click on the link provided below:


Anonymous said...

That's really nice - thanks for sharing it!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are most welcome.

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your blessing of having been there, wow.
The seven characteristics remind me of the Desert Fathers...You are right about them being more difficult to follow in this day...
There is so much to lear...and in absorbing, we come visit a field of peace. These are noble teachings. Thank you.

Unknown said...

This is really beautiful thank you for sharing with me.
I would love to live in Sweden or norway.