Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five Teens Reveal Debilitating Stories After Getting HPV The Vaccine by Rachel Porter

Five teens reveal their debilitating stories after getting HPV vaccine

by Rachel Porter,  Daily Mail

Food Freedom,   28 May, 2013

It has been hailed as the wonder jab that will prevent thousands of young women suffering the same terrible fate as Jade Goody. But as parents across Britain rush to have their daughters vaccinated, others are adamant that it has triggered alarming side-effects…

Below are the pictures and names of the six dears sacrificed for Corporate profits and under the pictures will be the link to their story from my source:

Jade Goody supported calls to lower the age for smear tests from 25 to 20 before her death. The HPV virus is a major cause of cervical cancer
Ashleigh Cave, 12, is partially paralysed. She was struck by a mysterious illness minutes after having the jab. She has been at a children’s hospital since October
Sarah Chandler, 12, has chronic fatigue syndrome. She felt lethargic after the first jab but her condition worsened after the second jab
Lauren Smith, 13, felt lethargic and had numbness in her arms after the second jab and missed weeks of school
Leah Mann, 18, now has regular seizures and had to give up her college course

Carly Steel, 13, has aching joints and suffers from blackouts. She has not attended school since September

Note:  I used to call this Bad Medicine and Bad Science, now the only words I can find for these happenings are Mad Science and Mad Medicine.   Only those who are mad or afraid or deceived can allow these events and not put a stop to this madness. 

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