Monday, October 1, 2012

The Agtivists - The Movie Trailer

Ag-ti-vist. n. One who fights for food freedom

The Agtivists are four American pioneers who have put their lives and their reputations on the line to challenge the corporate control of our food supply. The film will delve into the worlds of Bob "The Agronomist" Streit, Howard "The Caretaker" Vlieger, Pamm "The Instigator" Larry, and Dr. Don "The Scientist" Huber as they reveal profound new evidence about the effects GMOs are having on the environment, the fundamental aspects of our well-being, and our future generations.

About the Director

Nearly two years ago, I was introduced to some information about our food supply that shocked me to the very core: I learned that 70 percent of the ingredients in our supermarkets contain genetically engineered crops, or GMOs. GMOs are crops that have had their DNA artificially altered in a laboratory by adding genes from other plants, animals, viruses, bacteria and even humans.

New research, at the heart of The Agtivists, has uncovered frightening new information about the dangers of GMOs. These findings conclusively link genetically modified food to a massive increase in autism, allergies, ADHD, cancers and a disturbing 30% decrease in human fertility over the last three years. Thanks to the massive deployment of GMOs, our crop fields are infested with seven-foot super weeds, that in some cases grow at a rate of 3” per DAY, insecticide resistant insect pests, and are responsible for the deaths of thousands of honey bees. As unmodified seeds are being wiped out by cross-pollination with GMO seeds, these transmuted crops are becoming impossible to avoid. The DNA of our planet's biosphere is being altered in ways we are only beginning to unravel.

I realized that day that our basic human right to safe food was being violated - and that I had to do something about it.   


Scientists around the world have concerns about GMOs because:

  • This type of genetic alteration is experimental and is not found in nature.   
  • GMO food is unlabeled – which means we are involuntarily participating in the greatest human experiment in the history of mankind.
  • 50 other countries have banned or restricted the use and import of GMO crops and foods.
  • GMO seeds are cross pollinating with the seeds that have been with us since the dawn of man. Unmodified, heirloom seeds are being wiped out, never to return.
My goal is to finish this film as soon as possible, so we can release this information to the world and bring about awareness. In this war on GMOs, information is power. People NEED to know what is happening to our bodies and our ecosystem, and understand what we are really feeding ourselves and our children. The choices we make affect our loved ones, our families, our communities, and our countries.

We Need Your Help 

In order to finish the production phase, our team needs $20,000. This amount has been calculated based on the filming expenses for six weeks of shooting with a three-person team. We need these funds to connect with the scientists, farmers, and activists who are fighting on the front line of this issue.

Your donation will help to:
  • Highlight the scientific uncertainty of GMOs to our health and the environment
  • Shine a critical light on the bio-tech industries who are claiming patents on our ecosystem
  • Bring an end to this human health experiment and reclaim control over our food supply


We can no longer rely on our governments to stand up against corporate agendas; it is we, the people, who must take action to ensure a just and cooperative world. It is up to us!

In exchange for your financial support, we offer a variety of perks, all of which symbolize a willingness to help bring the earth and its inhabitants back to a state of wellness. Our partners for these incentives share our mission to raise awareness and protect the future of our seeds and food sovereignty; you can read more about them at the bottom of the page.


What can you do besides partnering with us financially?  

Spread the word about us!

We graciously ask you to be a social media sponsor and spread the word about this campaign with your family, friends, work colleagues, community groups, and social networks! The share tools for our Indiegogo campaign are easy to use, and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.


Be an AGTIVIST! Please join us in whatever way you can – we're in this together and to win, we need each other.

California residents - VOTE YES TO PROP 37 in November, the Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Initiative!


Our Partners

  • Native Seeds/SEARCH (NS/S) is the repository for the Southwest’s treasure trove of indigenous seeds. 
    • Native Seeds, a non-profit conservation and education organization founded in 1983, now stewards almost 2,000 crop varieties from Spanish missionaries, pioneers and more than 50 tribes in a state-of the-art Seed Bank.
    • Programs include: Seed School, Native American Free Seed program, Community Seed grants, Retail Store and Conservation Farm for grow outs of its collection. 
    • They will be supplying us with their seeds to pass on to you so that you can act as a much needed land steward too and use them in your home garden or community gardens or farms. 

  • Food Freedom News covers food safety (healthy, chem-free and unadulterated chow), food freedom (the right to choose your own food or farmer), and food sovereignty (the right of local regions to determine food safety standards and appropriate agriculture technologies despite international trade agreements developed by unaccountable corporations).
    • Food Freedom News is supplying us with 100 memberships which will give you full access to Special Reports and copyrighted material, and receive discounts on store items.

You can read the full plot outline for the film on our Facebook page and see behind the scenes footage and interviews already captured on Youtube.


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