Friday, October 26, 2012

Resisting Internet Censorship: Katherine Maher of Access Now.Org

9 October 2012

Katherine Maher of online internet rights site Access Now discusses the rise of censorship in the Arab World and how citizens can learn more about internet governance and online human rights.

"Governments have become increasingly become aware of the way that the internet is a very powerful tool for dissent, in terms of political organization and individual freedom," says Maher. "Creating legislation also creates a chilling effect and deters people from wanting to express themselves freely online in the first place."

Maher discusses how Washington, D.C.-based Access Now is working to track how certain clauses and amendments spread from country to country, and how entrepreneurs and activists can educate themselves about their rights by reading the Declaration of Internet Freedom as well as local sites like Nawaat in Tunisia and Ontornet in Lebanon, or 7oryanet in Jordan.


Source of the Video and Map:

Access Now

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