Monday, July 9, 2018

Tran Thi Xoan Interview- Part 2 of 4 Interviews

Uncensored link:

This is interview number 2 in a series of 4.   The interviews were conducted by Vietnamese Journalists and Environmentalists in 2016.

Tran Thi Xoan interview.   Here is a local lady who speaks openly about the Formosa Chemical Company poisoning of the water in Vietnam and how the government of Vietnam compensated people in the area of the chemical poisoning with moldy rice rations.   They were promised so much rice per day and according to her the promises to the citizens were not kept.  Another brave soul speaking up despite the risk of punishment from her own government.   As to the fate of this woman, I do not know.  This event occurred in 2016 and is yet to be resolved.

This his a very short one minute interview.

If you did not seen Interview number one, please click on the link provided below:

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