Monday, July 23, 2018

Chicago Was Once - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Chicago was once

A city of strong shoulders

Times of strong,  long gone

© 2018.  M.N. Hopkins

Note:   I had the inspiration for this poem some time ago.  Thinking about life in the city in the 60s and the toughness, directness, and the pride of many of the citizens of Chicago.   Now,  a globalist elite experiment pushing the modern Psych Op Psychology that is a WMD in my view.  You had the Chicago Boys whose economic model destroyed many a nation, a fake President planted in that city, a fake talk show host, always politically corrupt pushing the local and national agenda now a test city for Globalist cities or slave centers of the future.   Even with all this many of the citizens still had a strength and clear vision of reality at one time.  I can remember interviewing for a job in New England and the HR person said to me, “Oh,  you are from Chicago”.  Tough people but fair and very competent in business”.   I said, “It was a very nice place to grow up at the time but was now not a place I wished to live in anymore”.

This poem was written in the haiku style of poetry and published for the first time on my blog today, the 23rd of July, 2018.  As for critics,  I am a son of the City of Chicago and still and always will consider it my hometown being born there and living the first 20 years of my life within Chicago proper.   

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