Monday, July 2, 2018

Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh - A Hero to All Freedom Loving Vietnamese People

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The below text was written by a Vietnamese Patriot.

A tribute to:     Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh  

This is a great mother in my country Vietnam,who sacraficed her life in the jail of the puppet government in our country whe she's trying to warn us about Chinese industry chemical poisoning of the environment in our land . In Vietnam , we don't have any voice , don't have our freedom on the Internet.  They are watching us , arresting the people who are suspected by the government if we talk about the Chinese in our land . In this land,  if we are put in jail for resisting them. We absolutely 99% die or become invalid people. That government is not our government. It's a puppet of China communism 

The below text was written by me.

Note:  There is quite the uprising going on now in Vietnam.  The Government is trying to put a lid on free speech and Internet freedom.  There have been demonstrations, people arrested, beaten, the usual stuff in any nation when those in power are threatened.   Just as in the west, our rights are disappearing quickly and new censorship laws are in place to silence any other than the party line.  This has been especially fast in the EU (Evil Union).  People are being banned from forums, fined and even jailed for speaking the truth about not so pleasant social issues.  There has been a mass migration from Facebook to   Thousands are signing up every day.  In effect it is a boycott of Facebook by the Vietnamese people.

For more info on what's now going on in Vietnam, please click on the link furnished below.

Mother Mushroom gets sentenced to 10 years in a Vietnamese jail.


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