Sunday, July 16, 2017

Light Will Change The Code - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Illness  everywhere

Humans crying in the dark

Light will change the code

© 2017 M. N. Hopkins

Note: The inspiration first came to me for the writing of this poem a few days ago.  The three words that popped into my mind were, ”change the code”.  I have played with several different combinations of words to express being active rather than reaction in setting the tone for ones mental and emotional life rather than going along with outside forces or influences. 

I decided to use the haiku (5-7-5) form as the medium to convey this message.  I first published this poem on my blog today, 16 July 2017. 

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Magnus said...

Powerful poem - simple but yet so profound.

I totally agree. From my somewhat limited experience I think light is a totally different wave length and once one tune in to that, I guess there is a realisation that there is no need to go back and analyze the darkness or it's twists and turns - whether it is in people's mind or on a broader level - if one attune to a higher level darkness cannot just exist.

And I guess that's why people who always by old habit wanna talk and analyze their problems, their fears, their darkness from every angle and perspective never get out of it because they never switch wave length, and hence still on the same mental/emotional vibration and give ones dark sides all this attention I believe the effect will be what you give attention to is what will become bigger.

But I do believe majority of people will not be able to find that by themselves but need help.
I could feel a switch in a small area of my body when I read it the second time - it turned from black to light in an instance - I guess that is how decoding feels like ;)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, Magnus. Exactly so. Very good insights into the meaning of this poem put into your own way of viewing the world. Spot on.

Kindest & warmest regards,

ps: Enjoy your summer.

Magnus said...

Thank you! And the poem had a profound message - I guess few words can be more powerful sometimes if the meaning will reach the reader.

Enjoy your summer too :)
Warmest regards