Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sailing on a Sea of Dreams - A Digital Collage by Reenee Cummins

A lttle about Reenee and what she does:

The Universe is awash with concepts and images waiting to inspire.

The universe is populated by simple, repeating, related structures at casually small scales.  Collectively these structures are known as fractals.  Some wonder if, because they are so closely related and repeating, if they are a sign that the entire universe in intelligent. The “all is mind” of the Hermetic philosophy   If so, are these patterns a way for the universe to try to communicate with us?  Because I ponder the idea of communication with the Universe, I collage different fractals into art that represents the transference or energy or though between these fractals in the universe.  My art is both spiritual and scientific.  My art ponders age-old concepts at the speed of light. 

To push the envelope of this concept, I offer several styles of art.  I offer pure fractal collages, fractals woven into geometry, and highly stylized fractals with an Art Deco feel as florals.  I want people to see fractals, as bright, friendly, and interesting.  I want people to feel the same way about our modern digital life – jump in.  The 1’s and 0’s are fun…

Reenee's artwork has been featured by Wacom, Right Hemisphere, Planet Lightworker and Attune Magazine.

To see more of Reenee's work, please click on the link provided below:

Reenee Cummins  G+ Homepage

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Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Dear Reenee:

Thank you so much for your beautiful contribution to Inspirational August.

Kindest & warmest regards,