Thursday, August 6, 2015

Collectivity: As We Become Aware That We Are A Part Of It, Then So We Evolve - The Wisdom Of Omraam Mikael Aivanhov

Collectivity - as we become aware that we are part of it, so we evolve

"Why is it so difficult for humans to live together? Because they do not show one another enough attention or respect. Collective life as practised in a spiritual brotherhood is also a wonderful opportunity for its members to evolve and expand their consciousness. Those who lead a solitary life can be selfish and temperamental. There is no one standing next to them, no one for whom they must try to watch and improve their behaviour. But as soon as they begin to have anything to do with other people, what an effort – and it’s so hard!

When people are aware that they belong to a whole that is much greater than themselves and are careful not to allow their actions, thoughts and feelings – their internal noise – to disturb the harmony, it shows that they are evolved. You will say, ‘What do you mean by their internal noise?’ Yes, all noise is the result of a dissonance, and the internal noise that humans make with their feelings, torments and rebellions disturbs the psychic atmosphere. Those who make a noise are unaware that they are also harming themselves, for one day this noise will take the form of psychological or even physical problems."


Magnus said...

Thanks for sharing - I always get some good understanding about life when reading something from this man.
And I really like what he was saying about how true self-development comes from how one is able to behave with and treat other people, havent really thought about life that way, but life have taught me that only meetings with other people will bring you closer to find yourself :)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks you so much.

Kindest & warmest regards,

Unknown said...

This guy obviously doesn't live in Detroit or Flint