Tuesday, August 25, 2015

For What Is Wisdom And To Whom Does It Apply - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

For what is wisdom and to whom does it apply.

Wisdom is a finer knowledge that is a result of many years of one's living experiences within human form.  To have acquired wisdom, one must have actively sought after this prize and worked diligently to attain it's mastery.  For wisdom is only for those who have paid the price of many years of living within human form.  For even the angels, so full of Light can be lacking in wisdom if they have never chosen to visit the Earth Realm.  For, wisdom is a concept that was developed within the Earth Realm by those who have visited here many times and have gained the knowledge of nature along with the living knowledge of humanity.

There is no other road to wisdom, but a long one that has been traveled by a few.  Yes, those few share their knowledge with others to make their way a little less perilous, but not in a way that will interfere with one's development toward being a complete human being.  For the one's of wisdom act as guides, as teachers, and benevolent participants in this journey that you call a human lifetime. One of many journeys.  For one must travel to the Earth Realm often to attain a mastery over himself before winning the prize of wisdom.

Many fail at this task, but in reality, there is no failure.  For there are always lessons learned and strength gained through one's life experience. 

We are here to remind you and others in a gentle way that wisdom is available to all who seek this prize.  And by prize, we mean a gift not given to all, but to those who train and complete the tasks given to them.  For, do not your athletes win prizes?  No one sees the long years of discipline and hard work that was necessary to win the prize, but the athletes themselves and those close to them.

So, do not misunderstand.  We are here to help those who wish to grow in wisdom, not to bestow this most precious and unusual jewel upon those who think that they can steal this prize. 

This attitude is so common today within the Earth Realm.  Those who promise the most ridiculous and absurd, acquire great wealth and power that is built upon lies.  People so want to believe these untruths and fall victim to those who prey upon the weakness in others.

We say again, there are no easy ways or quick fixes, only a slow, deliberate, step by step process of learning.  Yes, we can help you to open up and see what is possible and in reality, what the individual has already attained within a future time, but this effect will last but so long.  This is only a tool used to show what is possible to attain, if only the individual make a decision and do whatever is necessary to bring the changes about.

© M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I've always thought of Wisdom as female - the Feminine Face of God if you like. SHE is my "go-to" in any crisis.


Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Wisdom is the male & female in balance.....

Kindest & warmest regards,