Friday, August 28, 2015

A Discourse About Balance In Human Community by M.N. Hopkins

What Is Balance?

Balance: What is balance and how does it effect your being in your everyday life with human community?

Balance is the key to good and sound functioning human communities. For today it has become fashionable to worship or adore chaos in all its many forms.

Your organizations, your workplaces, your schools are nothing more than a training ground for future generations to maintain and see to the continuation of traditional ways of behavior. Unfortunately for you all, those with flaws in their character have been chosen to lead. Weak by nature, never given proper instruction in critical thinking.

No longer are the Elders respected and sought after for wise counsel. Instead immature and unbalanced individuals who verge on the edge of mental and emotional sickness are chosen and chosen not for their strength of character, but for their many weaknesses that can be used against them as a form of control.

For without Self-control and inner knowledge and wisdom they can be easily manipulated and maneuvered into evil devices that destroy and isolate, rather than being together or united with human community.

Leaders are punished and persecuted for being intelligent and strong and not so easily controlled by forces that seek to enslave all inhabitants of your human community. Always are the inept, the incompetent and the dull of wit and mind chosen so as to teach the youth that these qualities of weakness and corruptibility will be rewarded whereas strength and intelligence will be punished.

There are so many leaders on the fringes of your societies. Many live in poverty or are now, homeless, yet maintain their principles and wait upon the day of transition when their skills and abilities will be needed to organize and rebuild human community.

Through their hardships they have learned to survive on a little, have learned to use their mental resources and initiative to survive in a world that has condemned them to a form of a prolonged prison sentence or death sentence, the only difference is that they are not locked up behind bars.

In a way, they have been in training for the future collapse of human community as we have known it since after the beginning of the industrial revolution that weakened and poisoned not just our human bodies and that of the Earth body, but also enslaved us within a system of commerce.

Gone are the family farms, the clans, the tribal groups that flourished for countless centuries and evolved in the ways of the heart and developed mental powers that cannot even be conceived of by the inhabitants of your world today.

These systems gave Man a sense of pride, freedom and self esteem as well as a reverence for both the Earth and for God.

For Man was in balance and gained from the strength and wisdom of both Realms.

Now, Man has grown dependent on machine and a new priestly class of the Corporation which has created new myths and taken much of the power away from the early priests of the Church.

The new priests of darkness control your governments and in fact, all your institutions. The new mantra is buy, buy, buy. In so doing, have you all said, bye, bye, bye to the better parts of your being.

Emotional and mental illness is as a plague upon the Lands. This is due to unnatural conflicts created when one begins to see reality through a haze of myth and images created and put into human minds by this priestly class.

For, long ago they learned the persuasive power of the image, the attraction of the mind toward fantasy and myth and used this knowledge to serve their own purposes.

Now, after thousands of years, the human systems fail and some begin to see behind the illusionary veil to the heart of what we have become over time by no longer following our God given paths.

Now, we have a creative tension that builds up in your world, ready to explode and destroy the old as it creates anew a new, yet old long forgotten system of evolution of consciousness and the creativity of Man.

After the release of new energies, people will clearly see what they have become and what they can and will become again in time.

For, intelligence and creativity will flourish again upon the Lands and leaders will be recognized from an early age and encouraged and taught to be future leaders.

Men and Women of inspiration, courage, and wisdom listening to their hearts for advise and consul and sharing their knowledge freely with all within human community.

No longer will tyranny of self or others be respected and tolerated.

Man will again enjoy the senses and connect again to God, Soul and Earth. The true trinity. The love of the Mother, the Father and OneSelf.

It is Light you asked for and Light it will be to light your way back to yourSelf and back to the Source Of All Life on Earth and on other worlds, those seen and unseen, still there waiting upon the arrival of not just a few, but of many.

We see a time of a great awakening from a sleep of discord, a sleep of deception and a sleep never more to be for those whom accept the truth of themSelves and accept the offer of a life renewed and energized by the Light and the Love that flows eternal, that flows from another realm to your realm of darkness.

It is we who come with the Light, it is we who renew the gifts of Spirit, it is we who continue to walk upon your Earth so as to reap the harvest, to reap a harvest of Love once denied, but now fulfilled in the moment.

That moment is now. Now, has been the time, will be the time and is the time of harvest. For the Light is now ripe and ready to fall from the Tree. The Tree of Life, that eternal tree that bears the fruits of Mankind's efforts and accomplishments. Now, this fruit comes to your table to be savored and enjoyed.

This is not the fruit of knowledge, but the fruits of wisdom grown over the march of time, grown with a purpose to give nutrients to those seekers who have found their way here today.

Yes, this is a gift, a gift for all that will give strength and longevity. The fruits of the labours of many who have served the Good for countless centuries waiting upon this day when the Will of Heaven is fulfilled upon the Earth.

Light and the waters of Spirit have allowed and encouraged the growth and fruition and now is the time to share in the harvest.

Now is the time. Not yesterday and not tomorrow, but now is the time of harvest and has always been the time of the coming of redemption and salvation.

There is no date chosen, no place chosen, no chosen people. This gift if for all who will accept the fruits of our labour. A gift for all people in all Lands. No longer divided, but united in Love.

Yes, Love, the great uniter. Not fear induced behaviors, but the actions of those of great faith and love who can see beyond appearances to the Heart of All Matter.

Now, your time has come. The way has been made easy.

Step forward and claim your prize. Claim your rightful inheritance. Claim your heart and the love that springs from a joy in living.

Feel the peace of this moment and revel in your accomplishment. For you only see the end of this journey that leads you to the beginning of a new adventure.

A new adventure in living, a new clarity, a new resolve, a new found strength and wisdom.

Now, we walk hand in hand and as we continue our journey, more will decide to join us on this new way of living. The old way left behind, the new way is now to be experienced, now to be accepted, now to be manifest in physical reality.

The dreamers have dreamed, you have had the courage to manifest it within your everyday living.

It is done. It has manifested in you within the space of your heart. A seed long dormant, now watered and a blossom comes forth. A most beautiful creation and one unique to only yourself. Each will manifest their own dream in their own time.

Now, it is time for you who have found your way here this day. Now, is your time, now has it been done.

Bask in the Light and go forth.

©  M.N. Hopkins


Mathew Naismith said...

I certainly can't argue with this, balance is the key to a peaceful existence mainly because balance gives us understanding and respect of others and their ideological concepts and principles. Balance takes us away from a life of living in ignorance, this in turn naturally makes life far less chaotic and destructive.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Matt:

Welcome and thanks for your comment.

Kindest & warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Now, we have a creative tension that builds up in your world, ready to explode and destroy the old as it creates anew a new, yet old long forgotten system of evolution of consciousness and the creativity of Man.

"After the release of new energies, people will clearly see what they have become and what they can and will become again in time."

Absolutely! I believe we're seeing the ancient game of Golden Age, Silver, Bronze, Lead play out yet again. When we get Home perhaps we can change it to Golden then Platinum and higher still. Historically there are "ages" which we can look back on and wonder why on earth does this keep happening??? My sensing is that this time it's going to be different, a Shift of the Ages that affects more planets, more dimensions than we can imagine. I'm getting deja vu. Probably repeating myself.

Bless you for postings that raise rather than dash hope.

Anonymous said...

Hello Maggie:

Thank you for your wise and kind words.

Kindest & warmest regards,