Friday, August 14, 2015

Once The Individual Releases The Hurts And Troubles Of Yesteryear.....A Short Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

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Once the individual releases the hurts and troubles of yesteryear, he or she will find that they become more aware of their everyday living environment and will be able to see those around them with loving eyes of kindness.  Wisdom will return and what was so difficult to attain, will already be a part of your being.  Others will not have changed, for they will still be filled with darkness.  It is you who has changed.  

For change is one's personal responsibility and cannot be imposed upon another.

©  M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much.

xxx Maggie

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are So welcome dear Maggie.


Magnus said...

Thank you! I can sense that a part of me understand all of it on some level but another part find it a little hard to truly understand ;)
Kindest regards

Tammy Schuler said...

I changed in spite of it all. I'm rather proud of that...thanks for posting this!