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Paneurhythmy (ПАНЕВРИТМИЯ) - The First Day of Spring: Sung by Plamena Girginova

Published on 1 December 2012  by Peter Ganov

ПАНЕВРИТМИЯ - Студиен запис в БНР

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ПЪРВИЯТ ДЕН НА ПРОЛЕТТА - БЕИНСА ДУНО - ПАНЕВРИТМИЯ - БНР Студиен запис Камерен Оркестър "Софийски Солисти" Аранжимент: Петър Ганев, Диригент Петър Ганев, Солистка: Пламена Гиргинова

Paneurhythmy - It is a sacred dance created by The Spiritual Master Beinsa Douno. The music and the movements corespond with the energies of the Universe.

The Song that you will listen to is called , The First Day Of Spring and sung by Plamena Girginova.  Accompanied by the Sofia Soloist`s Chamber Orchestra.  Composed and conducted by Peter Ganov.

Peter Ganov has hopes of reaching a wider audience and in this regards, I am glad to be of service to help him to introduce this lovely music and song to many outside of Bulgaria.   This music lifts one from their sadness and will bring one in touch with the the best part of oneself, the human heart.

One doen't need to know Bulgarian to feel the beauty in this music.   

To learn  more about Peter Deunov, also called Beinsa Douno who inspired the lovely music you have just listened to or will listen to,  please click on one or more of the links provided below:

The Teacher and Visionary Peter Deunov
1864 to 1944

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