Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial

16 January 2013

If Coca-Cola were serious about addressing public health and making real changes to fix the obesity issue, the company would:
  • Stop targeting kids with advertisements and stop heavily influencing young children’s minds.
  • Stop fighting and keeping quite clear research linking sugary beverages to illness and disease.
  • Stop targeting minorities and pushing products in developing countries where obesity rates are escalating.
  • Create a product that is actually healthful and beneficial and push that over it’s health-destroying products.

To read more about Cokes latest efforts at damage control,  please click on the link provided below and read the article and view the orginal video presented by Coke that motivated the writing of this article: 

Source of text and article:

Note:  Thanks to Mike Barrett for this one.


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