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Herb School - How To Make Your Own Birch Leaf Oil and Tea

Birch Forest.
Source of the picture:  http://www.dw.de/forests-provide-a-range-of-healthy-remedies/a-15823835  

Herb School.  First Day Of Class

This information was from a Swedish Television program called, Herb School if translated into English that was a TV show in Sweden in which it was shown how to use fresh Birch leaves as a healing herb.  You must live in a Northern area where the Birch tree grows to try your hand at being more health care self-reliant. 

There were 2 methods of use shown. 

The first was on how to make a Birch leaf oil:

1. Put a handful of fresh Birch leaves in a dark glass jar and cover in Olive OIl or Canola Oil. (I would not use Canola unless certified organic otherwise it's pretty much poison). 

2.  Let sit 2 weeks before using.

3.  Will keep one year.

Good for muscle pain.  Stimulates circulation.

The second was to make a Birch leaf tea.

1.  Pick about a small handful of fresh leaves or use dried leaves.  Best time to pick them is before Midsumer or middle June.

2. Put in a tea cup or coffee mug with boiling hot water over them and let steep 5 minutes.

3.  Three cups a day for 2 weeks is the maximum dosage.  No more,  Remember herbs are medicine and should be treated as such.  Take some time to do a little research for yourself before trying these two remedies.

The above is good for the kidneys and can help with urinary infections and muscle ache.

På Svenska:

Örtskolan - Del 1 av 6

Sändes:   -   Tillgänglig till: tis 19 mar   -   Längd: 4 min 1 sek

Del 1 av 6. Björk. Många av våra vanligaste växter har en stor läkande förmåga. I Örtskolan får vi enkla tips på hur man tillverkar allt från grobladsplåster till myggmedel.

Link to SVT episode one.  You may not be able to view this outside of Sweden  You would need to know Swedish anyhow even if you could view it:

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