Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flu Shot Narcolepsy, Bye Bye Scanners, Privacy Glasses - New World Next Week With James Corbett & Media Monarachy

24 January 2013

Welcome to - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Evidence Grows for Narcolepsy Link to GSK Swine Flu Shot

Breaking: Scientists To Resume Work With Lab-Bred Bird Flu

Nurses Fired for Refusing Flu Shot

Story #2: TSA Removes Body Scanners From Airports

'Naked' Airport Scans Could Undergo Revamp In Canada

'Body Scanners' Archive On Media Monarchy

Story #3: Privacy Visor Block Facial Recognition Software

Video: Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

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