Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It Is Time Now - A Timeless Thought Of Peter Deunov

My friend Maria has sent to me another wise saying of Peter Deunov and for this am I grateful.   She is a Bulgarian and has had direct contact with the students or as she says, disciples of this illuminated teacher so Master Peter Deunov as she affectionately refers to him is dear to her heart.  I sense Peter Deunov as one of this worlds great teachers and healers and can feel his closeness to the Source as I call it.  Some say God, some say Good, and sometimes I call It , the Essense of All That Is.  He was the Real Deal as we say in America.  Below, is Maria's brief correspondence to me and after will come the wise and timeless words of Peter Deunov.

Dear Mike,

I am sending a thought from the Master Peter Deunov. You may use it for your blog entry.


Now, for the wise and timeless quotation:

“It is time now for a Centre of thoughts to be formed and for light to be sent all over the world in the same way as the sun sends its light. The sun is a central through which its light and heat are transferred to the Earth.  In the same way, the thoughts of people are a centre for transferring and transporting another kind of Light to the Earth. When that energy goes into the brains of people, a special kind of light begins to radiate from them, which can be used for work.  If the spiritual people acquire strong thoughts, the Kingdom of God will come to the Earth.” 

The Master Peter Deunov

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Sharon said...

I can only imagine the changes we would all see if each one of us used this energy for the good of all mankind. I would love to see this "light" radiate from us all...