Saturday, February 19, 2011

An Insight - Light Overcoming Fear And The Healing That Can Occur

After watching an investigative report on Swedish TV in which the possible health dangers of Nanotechnogy that are now in everyday products such as shampoo, sun screens, food packaging, drugs, vaccinations, and automobile products such as diesel fuels, wax and tires.  More has been invested in research and development of products and applications than into the possible health dangers of these nano particles entering the body through the skin, water, air, or penetrating the blood brain barrier through drugs and vaccinations.  It turns out that there is almost no funding into the health hazards which makes sense to me since so many governments and companies have invested and are investing so much money into the development of these technologies.

A researcher by the name of Ken Donaldson in Scotland has studied the effects of nano particles in the air and it's not a pretty picture.  These particles are able to penetrate the lungs to the lower levels.  Natural pollutates can only make it as far as the upper lungs. These particles are as little needles that puncture the cells and cause inflamation, death of cells, and the properties that lead to cancer formation.  He said that it is worst in city areas in which there is heavy traffic or as it would be in industrial setting where these particles can be exposed in high quantites to workers.

Pharacetical drugs and vaccinations are a good example of selling us poison under the guise of helping us. Market the lies about the wonders of these products, push them out into the marketplace without adequate testing or research.   Can't admit the health dangers or the many side effects, too many billions would be lost.  Kill and cripple a few million and cover up the results.  Better to crucify people like Dr. Wakefield to make an example of him to tell other physicians and researchers to keep quiet or risk the same concequences. Perhaps truth has no place in the market place.  Perhaps courage has lost it's place in the hearts of those who work in  government, corporate, medical, academic, and reseach institutions.

After this report it set me to thinking how the media can intensify fears in people.  How modern medicine and science teaches us fear and that there are no cures for certain illnesses or medical conditions only the ones that they support and advocate. Now, that is power only if people buy into this. Fear sells a lot of medicine and services and the cure is often worst than to do nothing at all.  Read about Mary Baker Eddy.  What she talked about in the late 1800s and early 1900s still holds true today.  Read my blog entries on the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo also and ponder the words of this illuminated soul.  Read the illuminated words of the great prophets, visionaries, and teachers and you will see a recuring theme of the healing power of  Faith, Love, and the Light of Heaven.

So, I got caught up in or lost in this kind of thinking or what I consider pure brainwashing all in the effort to sell us dangerous products while at the same time convincing us of the great benefits and our need for them.  For a moment I lost my faith and knowledge that all can be healed by the gift of Grace or the Divine Light. I thought of good natural or alternative products that I know of and use that are very effective with the thought that even these will not work against this nano monster.  How will we protect ourselves against this new man made threat?

Now for my insight:

While in the grip of these fears, I had a flash of insight in which all my fear disapeared instantly and I felt my body and emotions washed clean of these doubts and fears and the words popped into my thoughts, "The Light can heal all from the biggest to the smallest."  I saw in my minds eye my body being flooded with this Light and all that didn't belong naturally in the human body that we are told can cause illness and death being dissolved and disappearing.  Then I knew that there was nothing to fear from these man made technologies that we have been told can make the human body ill. Healing with Faith or Light is so simple and easy.  You don't need any knowledge or pre-conditioning interfering or stopping you from what your heart tells you is possible to do.  Telling you that this or that is impossible or that it has gone too far and there is no hope for a recovery or cure.  No threats from the medical maffia or their high preists of prescription drugs.  Perhaps this is why we call someone a Natural when he or she can have the results that are equal to or surpass those of proffesionals and experts.  Perhaps they don't have so much knowledge that tells them what they can or cannot do something or what is possible or impossible. Perhaps if we used only the natural products of this Earth or the natural abilities of our minds there would not be so much sickness and misery in our world.

Ponder what I have shared with you and see if it makes any sense to you.  Each must decide for oneself and listen to and trust in one's own Inner Voice.  If Mankind would have been doing this we would not have even had many of our current wordwide shared problems.  Reason and Love would rule again and the Earth would surely flourish and supply us with all we need as it was meant to be and as it did for countless centuries before we have lost our way as a people.


Anonymous said...

Well, I sat and read this last saturday - I was invited to a birthday party later that afternoon and was a little worried than I had a little bit of flu symptoms. So I sat and read and didn't feel so happy and wondered what hazardous germ or virus I might have caught making me feeling ill. But then, when finishing the post and the final insight, I left the computer and just reflected. Then suddenly deep within my a burst of laughter came out. I can't say it was conscious, it bubbled up deep within and the thought I had of fear that any bacteria or virus would be to hazardous not being able to dissolve with the light of God made me laugh even more. The flu symptoms I had disappeared that afternoon (even if I had to say that I had a little sense of having a cold left like the aftermaths) but it was a huge difference and it kind of saved my eve. So thank you for sharing this one :-)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Anonymous:

I see that you took my insight to heart. Good for you. You now understand the truth behind my words and this lesson will serve you well during your life. Remember if you did it once, you can do it again.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hello Mike!

Thank you! Yes, it was a wonderful lesson, or rather experience, and I wish that experience to everyone who are willing to give it a try - just go within your heart and see that it will be a truly wonderous experience

Nicoleta Neagoy said...

Thank you for sharing your insight.
I agree with you and it is of mind over matter and ultimately trusting our very own intuition.
I do believe fear can mislead all of us into harming ourselves. It is good to exercise discernment as I have found to know more than I gave myself credit for through the years. I don't know how diseases unfold in the lives of so many but I know that despite the urgent call for serious surgical procedures and or medicinal alternatives, one can always seek the LIGHT you describe.
I bathe myself in it. I bless each bite of food, and simply trust that I meant to live as healthy as I at least attempt to be.
God bless you.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Keep bathing in your Light Nicoleta.

Kindest & warmest regards,