Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inner Teachers - Interview With An Angel

This entry was taken from the text of a book that I first read in 1997 entitled, Interview With An Angel by Steven J Thayer and Linda Sue Nathanson.  This is one of those books that can be read over and over and with each reading one will have deeper insights into themselves and the world around them.  I plan to have three blog entries from this book over the next week.  This entry I chose because of the interest in mediums and channelers in books and on the Net.  I too have experience in this area and find this an explanation of the phenomenon that is close to my own thinking.  Linda is the one who interviews and records Steven while he is in trance.  The one who speaks through him goes by the name of Ariel.  Now for the first entry:

Inner Teachers

Linda:  What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning through another person's inner teacher?

Ariel:  The question itself points out once again the human minds judgemental operation, which we do not have.  To fragment or partition or label knowledge or aspects of reality into positive and negative, good or bad, advantages or disadvantages is purely human.

The path of growth within this marvelous learning opportunity that you call being human ultimately comes to a single point of  focus.  This focal point is the direct, personal, experiential knowledge of what you call God.  It is not the understanding of what other people have found or what other people have written or even what you have read or heard from sacred text that you call scriptures.  The direct task, the most important task of any soul traveling through the journey of a human experience called life is personally from an area that you refer to as your heart to know God deeply through communion.

Some people will have the great fortune to encounter that communion experience directly.  They will come to know God through what you called an inner teacher or inner guide or even through the communion experience with celestial energies that you might call from your human perspective, a being outside of yourself.  This is indeed one of the most profound ways to refine the depths of the experience of knowing and understanding God.

Different growth steps along the way will allow a person to encounter what you have labeled in your world, a higher self, a higher sense of self, inner wisdom or inner knowing.  There are many different words to describe the phenomenon of experiencing and understanding yourself and the universe in which you live that extends beyond the definition of the separate, distinct thing that you think you are.

In  some cases the experience can extend beyond the higher self to other celestial beings such as guardians, spirits, angels and deities that are perceived by the person as being separate and distinct and coming from outside the person.  And again, appreciate that this inside and outside distinction is unique to the huamn mind or in the reality there is a continuum that you call God which does not have such distinctions.  But that is something you cannot grasp with your mind.  It is in essence, incomprehensible to you.

Finding someone who will awaken your inner knowledge by using his inner knowledge to help and support you in your quest is often a wonderful transitional step.  And while the knowledge does not come from your own direct experience, once heard it can have a deep, deep resonance within you.  It can awaken and kindle the flame of inner spiritual knowledge and although it came through anothers spirituality, openness, or the communion that another being has mastered, the information itself can provide a tremendous opportunity to awaken in you deep soul level knowledge and growth.

However, it is but a temporary stepping stone.  For the true quest on the spiritual path and the spiritual growth within the soul's journey of a lifetime is to find that knowledge directly.  It is the main theme and thesis of each of your religions, although it is often not practiced.  It is easy to get stuck, to become complacent and to be lax at doing what is often very difficult inner spiritual work.

Within the framework of the organizations that you call religions is the invitation to use religion as a support tool as you journey along their prescribed path.  Religion is a path designed to give you first, the intellectual understanding of what you seek and second, deep inner spiritual understanding by direct knowing, by the direct communion experience.

When following the path of religion, souls often become complacent with the intellectual understanding that religion offers and thus do not find for themselves the deep inner communion experience that they seek.  They in essence, stay complacent with the knowledge gained from the deep communion experience of others who have gone before them.

Relying on others inner knowledge which they gain from their higher self or from what you label as spirit or an angel can also become a place to be trapped, to become complacent and to rely solely on the efforts of others and not be spurred on by the knowledge gained and the resonance attained to complete the task of finding the connection and the communion for yourself.  For no matter how good that knowledge gained through the skill and the compassion of anyone who conveys it to you, it always falls short of that which you can attain through inner knowing yourself.

In that same vein, there is a calculated and misunderstood risk that these very words that we are speaking now could become for some a crutch upon which to rest.  But we also know that the words that we speak will awaken many a heart, will inspire many a soul to complete the personal growth that they have embarked upon through the journey of their lives.  There is nothing done from this realm that is extra and there is nothing done that is without full understanding of what will transpire.  So, we take no risk in conveying these words through you.


Magnus said...

I had a reflection this day in how to achieve our Heart connection and our inner experience with God. It was a day as not to seldom when one feel quite a bit disconnected with one's inner being and its feelings of calmness, joy and laughter. (which happens to often unfortunately and I think most people can agree with that - either aware or unaware). So, as I do sometimes when that happens I sit down and meditate, or rather pray to God to let his light shine through me and take away all fears and worries for tomorrow (I.e the future) and start to feel "life" instead in happily presence. Well, this time it was a little hard, and I felt that too much was going on and that God's light couldn't reach me. But then, I wondered, it is God that doesn't reach me or I that can't reach "him" (if it's okay to say him - no offense ;-)), and suddenly I realise that I have to make an aware choice of "knowing" that his light is available if I choose to - and the realisation again that I don't need to reach or ask for God as an outer being to "come to me" but that his light is already within me... All of a sudden, with this realisation - my focus changed rapidly, my awareness had reached to be present in my area around my heart and thorax and I felt strong and calm - even though I felt vulnerable and worried just seconds ago. Suddenly a burst of laugh came out and my fear was gone. And once again I felt so happy over the insight that the best experience and feeling ever is to feel in companion with ones inner heart - and therefore God - and the feelings of calm, joy, strength, happiness as follows

Well, that is one of my experiences and my opinions of how to get in contact and experience God - without sit and meditate in the forest (it's cold... ;-)) or sitting on a mountain in Tibet (expensive to go there ;-)) If anyone want to share their experience I would enjoy reading it... And thanks for this post stranger in a strange land...

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Greetings Magnus:

You are welcome. Again, you have taken an inspirational text to your heart and made it your own in your own way.

Thanks for sharing your insight.

Warmest and kindest regards,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Michael.

A few years ago the following words flowed to me which I feel supports this message also:

"Listen to what resonates within you - and remember - Truth is not confined - It is everywhere and is everlasting. It does not reside, nor is it the purview of any one person or religion. It rests within the Hearts of us all. It is found in the Silence when the mind is still. It overflows from the Heart when we listen - It has no limitations for It is everywhere and in all created things - and Love is Its message."

Thank you - Michael.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are most welcome and thank you for your beautiful insight. Yes, Truth is available to all. It is just a matter of openness and the clarity of the moment.

My warmest and kindest regards,

Sharon said...

Reading this opens me up into a much deeper insight. There have been several spiritual people whom have helped me to awaken my spiritual knowledge.Thus allowing unlimited spiritual growth. All of this ultimently leads me to an even closer relationship with God.

Mike, thanks for sharing this post...

Sharon said...

There have been several spiritual people whom have come into my life whom have assisted me with my spiritual growth. This spiritual growth,how I perceive and use it, ultimently comes from within..

Mike, thank you for this great post!

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Sharon:

It's nice to have help along the way, but ultimately, each must do the work of spiritual growth or evolution oneself. It's good that you took the help and became more self-reliant rather than form dependenies upon others. The so called spiritual teachers who encourage and allow others to become dependent and weak are unfortunately the majority and are doing both others and themselves a great dis-service. Money and power is their weakness and by misusing their gifts they are only hurting themselves as they weaken others.

Many best wishes to you along your way,