Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Wisdom of Sri Aurobino - Part 1

The quotations were taken from a book I like to pick up from time to time and read by the name of:  Sri Aurobindo - Thoughts and Aphorisms.  This book is based upon the sayings of Sri Aurobindo between the years of 1913 to 1915. This entry will be entitled Part 1 and will deal with his views of Governments and Society.

1.  Governments, societies, kings, police, judges, institutions, churches, laws, customs, and armies are temporary necessities imposed on us for a few groups of centuries because God has concealed His face from us.  When It appears to us again in it's truth and beauty, then in that Light they will vanish.

2.  The anarchic is the true divine state of man in the end as in the beginning; but in between it would lead us straight to the devil and his kingdom.

3.  The communistic principle of society is intrinsically as superior to the individualistic as is brotherhood to jealousy and mutual slaughter; but all the practical schemes of  Socialism invented in Europe are a yoke, a tyranny and a prison.

4.  If communisism ever re-establishes itself successfully upon Earth, it must be on a foundation of soul's brotherhood and the death of egoism.  A forced association and a mechanical comradeship would end in a world wide fiasco.

5.  "Since liberty has failed", cries the advanced thought of Europe, "let us try liberty cum equality or since the two are a little hard to pair, equality instead of liberty.  For brotherhood, it is impossible; therefore we will replace it by industrial association".  But this time also, I think, God will not be deceived.

6.  Democracy was the protest of the human soul against the allied despotisms of autocract, priest, and noble.  Socialism is the protest of the human soul against the despotism of a plutocractic democracy.  Anarchism is likely to be the protest of the human soul against the tyranny of a bureaucractic Socialism.  A turbulent and eager march from illusion to illusion and from failure to failure is the image of European progress.

7.  Democracy in Europe is the rule of the Cabinet minister, the corrupt deputy or the self-seeking capitalist masqued by the occasional sovernreignty of a wavering populace.  Socialism in Europe is likely to be the rule of the official and policeman masqued by theoretic sovereignty of an abstract State.  It is the chimerical to enquire which is the better system; it would be difficult to decide which is the worst.

8.  The gain of democracy is the security of the individuals life, liberty, and goods from the caprices of the tyrant one or the selfish few; it's evil is the decline of greatness in humanity.

9.  This erring race of human beings dreams always of perfecting their environment by the machinery of government and society:  but it is only by the perfection of the soul within that the outer environment can be perfected.  What thou are within, that outside thee thou shalt enjoy:  no machinery can rescue thee from the law of thy being.

10.  Be always vigilant against the human proneness to persecute or ignore the reality even while thou art worshipping it's semblance or token.  Not human wickedness but human fallibility is the opportunity of Evil. 

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