Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swedish Democrats win 5.7 %

I will say congratulations to the Swedish Democracts for their winning 5.7 % of the vote in the National Election on Sunday and thus winning 20 seats of 349 in the Swedish Parliament.  This is quite an accomplishment for a political party that has been so demonized that even to mention their name in public is taboo and usually one receives an instinct responce of the word, racist.  Swedes are so afraid to admit support of this party for good cause.  One would be completely locked out of the work market and it would be career suicide to even mention your support of them in the workplace.  One might also have to bear the burden of angry words and possibly even violence directed at them because so effective has been the brainwashing for the social control of Swedish citizens.  I see nothing dangerous about this party and have the firm belief that in a democracy all have the right to be heard.  Only in a Totalitarian State are citizens denied the freedom of speech and expression and punished for their beliefs and fear used as a social control.

The Prime Minister of Sweden before the election came out in public saying that if this party won over 5 % which allows them seats in Parliament the whole economy would collapse and the government would be forced to shut down. The Swedish Banking Industry said that the swedish crown would be weakened. Oh, Chicken Little, the sky must be falling.  It didn't work for Chicken Little so why did the Prime Minister and the Banksters think that this not so well thought out political strategy would work for him.

Well, let me tell you that Jimmie Åkesson and his Swedish Democrats must be some pretty powerful politicians with super human powers if the Prime Minister believes that 20 people can totally destroy and take over a government.  Or perhaps is he afraid that they will have access to inside information that will expose all the lies and corruption of the two major parties which now have control of the Parliament?  Perhaps the Swedish Democrats will be a vehicle for the Swedish Citizens to see how easily they have been deceived into believing that this government has been working for them as they began to dismantle the social system and sell off free services to be privatized so that a rich few can prosper while the majority suffer.  Good bye Socialism, welcome Plutocracy.

So, Welcome to Parliament Swedish Democrats and remember that a calm demeanor and self confidence will put fear in the hearts of the weak and give support to the hearts of the just.  I wish you all the best.


Anonymous said...

Better to focus on the Swedish Democrats instead of telling the truth.
The truth is that the Swedish Socialinsurance system has been dismantled and the sitting government have been trying to keep this a secret. The plans are to move us from being a state of welfare to a state fitting private systems.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, exactly. Those in power can create many diversions while they sneak in unpopular legislation.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

This is an update to show how the two major political parties in Sweden have encouraged violence toward SD members by their hateful words directed toward this party before and after the election.

A 31 year old party meber in Gothenburg, Sweden was kicked, beaten and knifed on last Thursday night and the end result was that he resigned from the party. Good job powers that be in Sweden. This is diversity, minus this group and what might be considered a hate or folk crime against a member of this group of people.