Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweden- Land of Robin Hood Reversed.

Sweden at least in my view has been moving from a Socialist State to a Plutocracy.  A government that caters to Bankers and Financiers, Corporations, Pharmas and those who have more.  Labor Unions are weaker as are Labor Rights.  Social benefits are disappearing at an alarming rate.

The current reigning government has had a policy of putting more in the pockets of the rich.  Social Insurance is being cut as many really sick people are being forced back into the workplaces to work up to 50 %.  I have known of more than one with cancer or severe heart disease who has been forced back to work.  One has been hearing about cheaters and parasites destroying the social system while at the same time Politicians and State owned company CEO's are getting huge wages and retirement packages and openly caught for corruption with little more than a responce from Ministers saying that they should know better.

If one is unemployed and on minimum unemployment, then he will get 320 swedish crowns per day, but the Education or Job Coaching Companies that are growing like cancerous tumors get 300 crowns per day and may see the person once a month.  If one is long term unemployed than Townships, Non-Profits, and even Private Companies get 255 crowns per day to help what the government over and over in the media calls,
parasites to have a pratice place and we get the honor of working for our minumum benefit along with the right to pay for our own tranportation, extra lunch food, and work clothes.  A good deal for private businesses to get the State to supply them with free labor.  I wonder who thought up this idea.  Must have been a Plutocrat for sure.  This system will only increase unemployment and benefit flim flam coaching companies since there is no formal coaching education and most of the coaches are long term unemployed themselves who were given jobs to keep up appearances and fill the needed seats for all that funny money coming down the hypocracy pipeline.  If you owned a company would you hire any new personal given the option of free labor plus you can put 255 sek a day into your pocket?  Even Robin Hood if he reversed his principles would not have been as successful.

Property taxes were changed so that those who own  estates of several million pay the same as  retired folks in little houses in the forest.  Pensioners and those who collect unemployment benefits are at the hightest tax rate and pay more in percent than those with high incomes and every time there has been a tax cut for the working, the unemployed and pensioners got a tax increase.  Here is a good example of Robin Hood stealing from the poor to give hand outs to the rich.

There was also a tax rebate act passed to allow the owners of homes and condos to do repairs and get a big tax refund and besides this, to qualify, one must have a high income in the first place.   There is also a new tax deduction for those who hire a Nanny and House Keepers.  Another tax to give to the wealthier in the society paid for by cuts in the Social Insurance, Postal Service, Medical Care, Police, and pretty much all the government agencies and bureaus intended to serve the citizens.  I suppose this was a good move by the Politicians to help cut down on political scandels since several Ministers and high placed Politicians have been caught red handed paying their help under the table.  It seems to be enough to say I have learned from this experience to get off the hook.

I saw an investigative report on TV about the poor women that are forced to leave their homes and children in Latvia to work as Cleaners for the wealthy class in Stockholm.  It was failed to mention that the Swedish Banks were the leaders in bankrupting this nation by exporting their easy credit loaning practices to this Land, thus helping people to build up a debt that they would never be able to repay.  Also, I noticed that their children had modern cell phones, computers, and nice clothing and one's parents had a new roof on their home.  A Psychologist from Latvia said that these children were in danger of becoming drug and alcohol abusers and developing servere emotional problems.  Looks like the Swedes managed to export the same environmental facters since these problems are in epidemic proportions here in Sweden as in the rest of the western societies.

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