Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That Time Has Come For You - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Photo by Ben Rodrigo
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One eventually comes to a time of realization that all of this world is folly.  That time has come for you.  Even so, you must still live amongst your fellows without causing them emotional or psychological pain.  Not always an easy task when being constantly confronted by lies and schemes and dishonest, pretentious behaviors.

Look beyond the surface appearances and see to the core of humanity.  Yes, humanity is rotten to the core yet within that core is a seed of great potential and optimism for a brighter future.

Help those whom wish a better way.  Be a shining example of one whom has been to the core of their being and burst open that seed of Light.  A Light that once set ablaze and is set free within your world will enliven others and begin a revival of hope again in an improved human condition.

Yes, humanity is in a sickened state yet not beyond all hope of recovery or redemption.  The more who awaken to their own goodness and innate abilities to heal themselves, the more balance that will appear within your human communities.

No more hatred and we vs. them. No more perversions of the Spirit that are so common and increasing amongst humankind.  Even the animals have been effected and are showing more and more signs of ill will toward each other and toward Mankind.

Cease this concentration on ego needs and power over others and come to the realization that your survival depends and has always been built upon trust in each other and cooperation amongst species.

Feel again a spirit of cooperation which is your natural state of being and share this with all whom will accept it's life giving and love enhancing properties.  Give and take, take and give.  Share the gifts of Spirit with all whom are willing and able to transform from sickness to health.

Once a more healthy outlook is achieved by more within human community then balance will return and fair play will again enter your community structures.

No longer listen to evil council or the words of ego tyrants, rather listen again to the voice of the Divine which  is the only voice that can take human community from it's sickened, corrupted state into a new age of being.  Not a new world order but an ordering of a new age.  A time of humankind again connecting to what is best and most sacred within themselves and using that knowledge for the betterment of all beings in our world.

This sharing is essential for good physical, mental and emotional health.  Spirit takes care of Spirit and Mankind as allowed and Mankind takes care of each other.

Be true to your humanity and express outward into the world what is best and greatest within your human nature.

It is a good time as of now.  Now is the time of benevolent forces waiting upon Mankind to take responsibility for themselves and each other and in a sense, Human(e) Up.

Now is an opportunity to awaken from our nightmare existences into a world of wonder and a joy that vibrates outward from the Earth as it also does from your own being.

Take the hands of each other and walk forward out of the darkness of your current human community structures into a new dawn of existence with hearts as bright as suns that will spread a healing balm upon the Lands.

©  2017 M. N. Hopkins

Note:  I wrote this discourse on 25 July 2017 while in an inspired state of being.  The words flow as a river and I must write quickly to maintain the train of thought.  I later read it and edit spelling and grammatical errors.  I waited to publish it for the first time today on August 2, 2017 as part of my blog's, Inspirational August.  My intention was to write a timely message that will hopefully bring some comfort to the readers if they wish it to be so.


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Michael Brine said...

As always Michael you have a way of getting it out there. Thank you - much to reflect on. Love, Daddy Mike. :)

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You are very welcome Big Daddy Mike.

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Greetings Ben and welcome to my blog.

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Its beautiful, thank you for sharing this.

David M.

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You are so very welcome David M.

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