Thursday, October 8, 2015

Be Brave And Take A Giant Leap Of Faith......A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

We again ask you to be brave and take a giant leap of faith and fear not, for the time of fear is drawing to an end when one looks at the over-all view of man's journey back to the Source of All Life.

And, what is this Source?

Love, of course. Once uncovered and accepted within the human heart, a great awakening will occur and many will again regain the joy of living that radiates and infiltrates all life when it is allowed to and accepted as the natural state of the human-being.

Open your hearts just briefly to this possibility and feel what could be if only Mankind would make a conscious decision to change the current systems and begin to act in a kind and loving manner toward all others.

Seek to join again with us, who you have termed, Angels. In our eyes, we view ourselves as what you will become in time. Pray and make sincere efforts to better not only your individual existence, but the existence of all others whom you share the human community with.

We will help as guides and counselors of sorts, but it is Mankind's responsibility to develop their own abilities and talents to transform and transmute the old into the new creations of tomorrow.

Be wise and know that all your dreams have been fulfilled when one look's from our viewing point on the road to the world of tomorrow. 

Dream lovely dreams and have faith that all will occur or take form as more join in this dream of the creation of a world in which God and Man join as one and accomplish what in time was referred to as miracles and what we refer to simply as creation.

Be patient and content in the knowing that this is a possibility in your time and a reality in our time. Look to the future with hope, with faith, but most importantly, with the love of self, which leads to the love of others.

© M.N. Hopkins


Magnus said...

Thank you! I have to say it's great to read something with as much optimism and "lack-of-doom" about the future :) I have found myself many times - both with fear and doom about the future, so it's lovely to read something with an optimism

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

You are very welcome Magnus.