Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yet Another California Vaccine Injury by Theresa Hessler Sauter

My daughter 7 days after Dtap vaccine. I was only doing one injection at a time because of my fears concerning vaccines. I foolishly never made the connection between this rash and the vaccine. The worst part of this reaction is that it was followed by a 3 month cough. 

Not one doctor could tell me what this rash was from. I took her to 3 different doctors. The pulmonary doctor misdiagnosed her with asthma.
When her cough cleared we knew she did not have asthma. I took her in for her dtap booster 6 months later and same thing happened.

This time a 4 month cough that was eventually diagnosed as the RSV virus by the emergency room. We live in California. Luckily my pediatrician says this is most definitely a reaction to the vaccination and will be giving her a medical exemption. My daughter now has eczema and has to eat a special diet to help with skin issues. I am more afraid of the vaccines than I am of the diseases at this point. I eventually took her to an immunologist who also agreed this was a vaccine reaction but he couldn't tell me which component she reacted to but it was safe to give her other vaccines. No thank you! My pediatrician agrees no more vaccines for now.

From:  Theresa Hessler Sauter


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Anonymous said...

I hope she is doing well now. Will there be a follow up on this?

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

It has been some time that I posted it. Not sure but I can look around to see if I can find any more info.


Unknown said...

Since your daughter's 2015 story was recently shared by Nick Carine on Instagram, many of us moms are curious how she is today, and did you resume vaccines or no? Thank you...

Stranger in a Strange Land said...


I have no idea.