Thursday, July 23, 2015

To Inspire - As Defined by M.N. Hopkins

To Inspire:

For, what is it to inspire?

To inspire is to lead another to an inner realm, an inner realm often avoided or better said, neglected.

To go inward and upward as in the spire of a church building. Up and outward until one touches upon the place of before one's birth in this human existence that you call everyday living.

Yes, everyday, yet more.  It's in one's duties in the everyday that one meets one's greatest joy.  The bird that lands nearby, the stranger with a smile, the chance happenings that in reality are not by chance at all.

All are to lead you toward an inner reflection and contemplation of not just Nature, but the true nature of Oneself.

You have all been mislead, distracted, and delayed from your arrivals to that place in a time that really isn't a time, but from where all plans and times can be accessed.

Now,  I didn't mean to confuse you just lead you toward your inner spire. Tour place of contemplation and realization of what and who you really are. Here is the place or better stated, non-place where you have an inner clarity of vision.

Gone are the outside distractions, the ego annoyances and irritations. Here, you find peace in the knowing that you are more and other than your ego self.

You are as Gods sleeping, waiting upon a wake up call, not knowing that the service has ended and it is now the responsibility of all to awaken themselves to this new day.

Yes, a new day of Light and Laughter together with a joy in living one's everyday existence here on this planet that you call Earth. It has an has had many other names as it will be renamed in what you call, future time.

It is still the same being , this Earth of yours, no matter what the label, just as you are the same being you have always been & will always be despite all your many labels and classifications.

Classifications that limit and confuse and keep you from the true Essence of your being.

And what is that Essence. Some call it Love, some call it Life, some call it God, yet it is neither defined or limited by explanations and is in fact, the Creator of all limitation, hindrances and explanations. It is the Essence of All There Is and It is You as you are a part of It.

Yes, a part, a segment, a fragment of the whole, yet a part while at the same time being a whole being in Love.

Confused again? Good, now we come closer to where we should be. Within the embrace is simultaneously the embrace as well as the Embracer.

Now,  feel your being in a state of Grace. Free for just a moment from the chains or fretters of ego. Free to feel, free to experience, free to touch not just upon yourSelf, but the Self of others.

Safe and secure in knowing who and what you really are for just a moment.

Just a moment that will last a lifetime since you have travelled up the spiral and come to the meeting place of Heaven and Earth. You have arrived at the Heartland, that middle place, sometimes called the middle way. Sometimes one's center, sometimes one's place of balance and power.

So close it is and now you have arrived at this place and from this place you have met with Grace and Grace has washed your sins away. Grace has come from above as it has come from below.

Grace from the Heavenly Realm as well as from the Earth Realm. The Mother and the Father have met and embraced within your heart and a new life has been born. A life free from fear, yet still with trials. Trials that will lead you to other moments of freedom, other moments of Love, other moments of inward realizations of what and who you really are.

Each moment a stepping stone, each moment a cure, in each moment you allow yourself this Gift of Grace to Man to enter into your being. You weaken the grip of ego and experience freedom through touching heart to Heart.

Now, I am finished.  Be glad this day for you now know the way back and the way forward and now it is as now it was and now it shall be.

©  M.N. Hopkins

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yeunuocs said...

wow so deeply meaning thanks for your writing , it make me open my mind