Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Once, Men And Women Cared For Each Other - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Once, men and women cared for each other, had great powers and concentration of energy by use of the mind. Yes, mind was a tool used to bring enlightenment to not just one but to many.

Gifts given, gifts shared. This is the natural state of Mankind. Now, it is gifts given, gifts sold to those of greed. Greedy in spirit as well as greedy for material affects.

A gift is given freely and accepted freely by those who will. Not a form of currency to be bartered for or stolen, but a natural substance to be gathered and then shared with one's fellows.

That considered of value in truth, is valueless and that which modern Man calls valueless, is that of the greatest wealth and nourishment.

For, Man has become a complexity of emotions and feelings without focus or balance, swaying in the winds of emotion. Emotion now controlled by those of dark determination.

Yes, dark they are, as dark as their thoughts.

They manipulate to create confusion and loss of will power. They sicken and weaken the human vessel under the guise of health care. No or little health or care in the medical system that they have created. Marketing and selling poisons that maim, sicken and often kill.

Those few who resist are turned against by the very fellows whom they love and attempt to guide toward a better way, a saner way of living.

Yes, Man is in such a weakened state that he or she no longer see the truth within him or herself or others. Daily fed lies and disinformation and guided away from or distracted from the truth of their being.

All these self-evasion affects the human psyche in such a way as to madden or sicken the human organism.

There is a way out and that way is to reconnect to one's Self, one's Inner Voice, one's good judgement and one's true nature that tends toward clarity of thought and emotion and balance.

Yes, Man if left to his own devices would live in a balanced state unencumbered by confusions and instability.

Now, seek that which is best within your humanity and share it freely with others of your own kind. Concentrate and focus on your heart's light and feel Love again, feel loved again and feel complete within yourselves.

No longer lacking that which you most desire, no longer seeking that which is already there, no longer confused and befuddled by the lies and deceptions of a few of dark determination.

Be no longer a victim, but be a victor and rise up and claim again the prize.

© M.N. Hopkins


Judith Sandala said...

Living in a community of aged individuals it is sad to see the results of a lifetime manifest in a narrowness of vision, a reliance on the "health care" system and an intolerance and skepticism for natural and spiritual ways of healing.
Thank you for your clarity of expression and your enlightened point of view.

John M said...

For me the spiritual is more valuable than the material.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Judith:

Yes, it is sad and shameful.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Best wishes,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello John:

Yes, indeed. I'm with you.

Kindest regards,

grover the peace man said...

A good essay, Mike, bringing some good points to light

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks Grove the Peace Man.

Kind regards,