Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Only A Matter Of Focus - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

We see so little real kindness today within your world.  A meanness or lacking of awareness of what is possible when one but just calm one's emotions long enough to touch again to oneSelf, which will again put you all in touch with the better or higher angels of your being.

It's only a matter of focus or concentration.  If you concentrate upon your fears and ego needs for more and more and more then you will have less and less and less of that which brings with it happiness and contentment.

See what has happened in your world recently as a few of dark determination driven by greed and a lust for more have brought the world's financial institutions to a state of collapse.  This could have been avoided with some wise and competent leadership that is seeing to the welfare of all the citizens of your planet, not just a few of your imaginary rich nations.  How can a nation be rich when so many live in poverty, when there is so much crime against humanity, when so many are lost within their own despair and fear of a future in which they fear failure and disappointment and an emptiness that comes from misguided and misdirected or in many cases a misuse of their God given abilities to create a world where all can feel a part of the One?

Yes, we are all a part of the One as the One is a part of us only waiting patiently for you to recognize and accept your inherent abilities of being co-creators in this world that you call, Earth.

Instead of actively joining in a world where the inhabitants love and care for each other, you have chosen to remain isolated not only from each other, but from yourSelves.

You have chosen a bitter fruit rather than the sweetness of Life.

It's no wonder there is a rise in sickness and poverty.  We each feed each other and this helps us maintain and encourage greater emotional and mental health through our positive interactions.  Instead, we have chosen to fight each other and project negativity upon each other which has resulted in a world of war, disease, and financial crisises that are fueled by the greed of a few whose sole aim is to enslave humanity as they have been enslaved by their own weaknesses and needs for control and power over others.

It is as if an evil spell has been caste upon the Land and the citizens are led to their own destruction through the deceptions and lies of the few who foolishly believe that they can control the many.  It is not one's ego that can control others, but only the Self that can control the ego.  Once under control, then ego and Soul become joint creators of reality.  Any reality that the Soul determines will enhance and enrich the world around It.

The Soul is connected to God, so it has access to beauty and balance and That which brings Love, Peace, and Joy into you physical realm.

©  M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading it Mike and rang some bells.

Thanks. M.B.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Glad that you enjoyed it MB.