Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sometimes In Life - A Poem & Guest Post by Magnus Ericsson

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Sometimes in life

The time is just not right

But don’t be discouraged

Because your Life knows

your Heart knows

that one day everything will be

- as it is supposed to be

that is a divine will

that in time – everything will be -

just as it is supposed to be

trust in providence - and know that

one day - your life will be

what you deepest inside wish for

and you Will be able to live your life

through the will and love in your heart

just be still, and be patient

and trust in the saying

everything is in order

everything is for a reason

everything will be okay

and one day - dreams will come true

Trust in the knowing

that noone "up there" will judge you

be never afriad to jump into the water

sometimes the water is deep

sometimes the water seems to be dark

sometimes the height from where you jump

seem to scary to jump from

but don't distrust and don't be afraid

all of that - is just an illusion

because the water is Life

it did just take different forms

and when you reach it

you will realise, it was nothing

to be afraid of...

because in the water is - where you belong...

becaue the water is the flow of Life

and the Flow of Life is to live from Love

....and if your intention is Love

it can never be wrong

if your intention is to give

without demands to receive

it can never be wrong

... so be still, be patient

and know deep within

everything is in order

everything is for a reason

everything will be okay

and one day - you will see

that dreams will come true

© Magnus Ericsson


maggie pyj said...

"Sometimes in Life" is very beautiful and very TRUE. thank you. maggie pym

Magnus said...

Thank you Maggie! It was nice to hear from you! Kindest regards Magnus