Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Jill Schneider Healed Cervical Cancer Naturally Nearly 40 Years Ago! - An Interview by Chris Wark

How Jill healed cervical cancer naturally nearly 40 years ago!

Chris Beat Cancer Blog,  

Here’s Interview #2 from the Annie Appleseed survivor couch!

Actually this was the first interview I shot, but it’s #2 to you.
Ok that doesn’t sound good…

It’s the second one I’m posting on the blog.

Anyway, Jill Schneider healed her malignant cervical cancer naturally in 1975 without any conventional treatment.


Mic check.

Can you hear me out there?

She healed naturally almost FORTY YEARS AGO.

Jill is a riot. She’s fun, funny and full of life. I am so glad to have met her.
And now you get to hear her incredible story. Huzzah!

This interview will definitely brighten your day. :)


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superhumanradio said...

Really an incredible story!Nice blog anyway Thanks for posting and sharing.Jill is a positive person, she have a strong and fun character that beat her cancer.