Sunday, March 30, 2014

For Man Once Loved Earth and Earth Loves Man Still by M.N. Hopkins

For the Earth is a sensitive organism or entity and absorbs much emotional and psychological outpourings from humankind.  When these pollutants and yes they are mental and emotional pollutants reach a point of risking damage to the Earth body, then a release is necessary.

Do you not need a little detoxing from time to time?  Don't you think that the Earth must throw off it's poisons to insure good health also?
Humankind has become as a parasite that is slowly destroying it's host although it was not always this way.  In times past Man realized his dependency upon the Earth Mother and behaved in a loving and respectful manner.  Man had good sense and took care of his home knowing that there is none other for his human form.
Without the Earth, Man would cease to exist, but without Man, the Earth would continue for many billions of years by the way that Mankind measures time.
Humankind has lost all good sense or common sense and thinks itself superior to the Earth.  In a way, yes Man is superior whereas the majority of humankind are far from this. 
Humankind now defiles not only himself and others, but also it's Earth Host.  With no regard for Her health or well being, literary littering Her into becoming a lifeless ball of matter.
A paradise lost, yet not fully lost. 
When Man comes to his senses and behaves in an orderly and respectful fashion and sees to his and her own healing of mind and emotion, and physical body then the Earth will also begin to return to Her natural state of health and well being.
There is no separation between Earth and Man or at least the body form that Man inhabits while in human form. 
The body form and the Earth form are as one.  Made from the same materials and co-dependent upon one another for survival or perhaps better said, Man is dependent upon the Earth whereas the Earth will continue to exist without Man although in a saddened state. 
For Man once loved Earth and Earth loves Man still. 
This was the ancient paradigm and one that can again exist in time. 
© M.N. Hopkins

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