Friday, March 7, 2014

A Message From Vermont Right To Know About GMOs


Label GMO's Now! 2014 is the year that Vermont can lead the way by passing a clean (no strings or trigger clauses attached) labeling bill. You can help!

 1) Get the facts on GMO food and H.112, Vermont's GMO labeling bill.

 2) Spread the word. Get your yard sign at a VT food co-op or by attending an event.

 3) VT Right To Know is on the road in March! Bring a friend to a workshop or a screening of the film GMO OMG. The next workshop is at Fletcher Allen Library in Burlington this Thursday. Sponsored by City Market. Details:

More on the workshops:

More on the film showings of GMO OMG:

VT Right To Know GMOs is a collaboration of Cedar Circle Farm, NOFA-VT, Rural Vermont, and VPIRG.

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